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Cancer, unsuccessful kidney, stroke, tuberculosis, and diabetes, which are 5 severe diseases that are marked by the shrinking of albumin in the blood until the sufferer must obtain an infusion of albumin.

The albumin infusion is useful for increasing blood osmotic pressure which first drops (less than the standard body albumin of 3, 5-5, 5 g / dl) to cause swelling or edema in several specific body sides. In patients with kidney failure, for example, swelling appears bright in the legs.

The administration of albumin infusion is actually a medical therapist in increasing albumin in the body because it first goes down (hypoalbumin). But there are other ways with nutritional therapy by giving cork fish albumin in the form of fresh, capsule, gel, or liquid.

Cork Chana striata fish, except for having a large amount of albumin, also have the element zinc (Zn) which acts in wound healing. Therefore people in Makassar, South Sulawesi or the Dayak tribe in West Kalimantan and South Kalimantan started using haruan fish (cork fish in the local language for a long time) to treat circumcision in children and maternal wounds after giving birth.

Cork fish albumin also contains major amino acid compounds for the body such as arginine, lysine, vialin, isoleusi, histidine, and glutamine. Now glutamine, for example, acts in the body in m3r * ng ** ng immunity to help accelerate wound healing. In general, the presence of amino acids is main for the formation of new cells and replace some damaged cells in the body.

Some of the problems of cancer patients, kidney failure, stroke, tuberculosis, and diabetes who have done nutritional therapy with cork fish albumin provide satisfactory conditions. An example is Amir Hamdan in Bandung, West Java. Amir, who began three years ago was convicted of suffering from bladder cancer must undergo chemotherapy as one of the ways to prevent some tumor cells in his body from developing. 

In the case of chemotherapy, the risks are commonly caused: hair loss and weakness. Amir Hamdan who always regularly consumes 6 capsules / day of cork fish albumin shows an encouraging situation. After completing cancer chemotherapy, he immediately got in shape and his hair also did not experience natural hair loss.

Recipe for consuming fresh: 

  • Provide 2 kg of cork fish, clean. 
  • Steam the cork fish for 30-40 minutes with a heating temperature of no more than 50 degrees Celsius. 
  • Separate the meat and bones, then juice the meat with modest water. To get rid of fishy give a little lemon and lemongrass. 
  • The size of 2 kg cork can be used for 3-4 days of consumption. Juice results in the form of juice taken 2 times a day, ie in the morning around 07.00 and evening around 18:30. With the general way albumin by consuming fresh can reach normal within 5-6 days of consumption. 

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