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Benefits of Qurban for a Muslim

 Benefits of Qurban for a Muslim
Who does not want to command if we have the title of Rezki from Allah SWT? I'm sure everything would want to command because very much of the wisdom of command, but many people who do not know the meaning and benefits command so I will explain the benefits of command for a Muslim. You want to perform Qurban worship in Eid al-Adha but still do not know the benefits of Qurban, slaughter the animals in the presence of Eid al-Adha is the most major charity Saalih for Muslims.

Even more mainstream compared to charity that costs comparable to the price of the Qurbankan, because the virtue Berqurban at the time of Eid al-Adha has a view to be much closer to the Allah SWT. As for Idul Adha itself is one of the religious days in Islam other than Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha falls on every 10th of Dhulhijjah and has been obliged to you a Muslim who is able to carry or give animals Qurban To be slaughtered.

Then why is obliged for those who can afford because of the benefits of command, the excess command and Priority command itself is very much so that it is very loss for those who are capable or rich in the form of property not command in Idul Adha day. Below you can read several words of Rasulullah SAW about the advantages, benefits and priorities Qurban:

Qurban benefits for a Muslim:

Cultivating a sense of empathy

Hikmah behind sacrifice is to train us to have a social attitude. We who have had an excess of property is supposed to spare some to be sacrificed in the form of livestock to then the flesh will be consumed by many people in need.

Train yourself to be generous

Someone who becomes a generous person needs to be trained to become a habit. Be generous in the excellent goodness and many benefits. To be a generous need to practice continuously and not only once twice but continue to be done until it becomes habit. If we have often the charity of wealth may be able to improve with command at the time of Eid al-Adha.

Raising Steadqumental to God

Berqurban is one of the commands of Allah that is clearly listed in the Qur'an. In the benefit of embracing Islam, Qurban worship will keep even increasing our steadliness to God. So that we will have increasingly strong faith and not easily follow lust.

Last day's reward

Of course Qurban worship will be a good charity that will be recorded by Angels. The worship of Qurban which is merely sincere as part of devotion to Allah will be rewarded with reward. It is this reward that will eventually save us on the final day.

Build solidarity Attitude

While Berqurban, it is best to blend with others in the process of acceptance, slaughtering, and distributing sacrificial animals. There are other wisdom that can be gained in this sacrificial activity. The benefits of living in harmony, when Qurban activities will make us cooperate with each other in doing this worship, every what we do will be good practice. Therefore it will make us, more able to socialize and relate well with others.

Our sustenance is a blessing

When we sacrifice to be one of the efforts to make what we have collected, our possessions are a blessing by using them for worship. Even the benefits of Qurban, will make it happy for others on the path of Keislaman.

Refrain from greedy attitudes

Sacrificing needs a lot of conditions to be met, from the person's need to be able, to do it is not easy. In any of us there may be a capable but unwilling. Therefore when we want to sacrifice, it has proved we are not too infatuated with the treasures and difficult to remove them. The benefit of religion, especially Islam, will remove the greedy nature that is in the self in Berqurban.

Keeping the ropes

When the feast of Qurban is one of the means to connect the ropes to others. Not only to one person can even be up to a lot of people. A successful sacrifice of activity is needed for the togetherness and role of many. This will be the means of unirating among Muslims. There is no difference in that day, we together share the happiness for each other.

Adequate nutritional needs of small people

From health reviews, Qurban benefits can help meet the nutritional needs of Indonesian people. Considering the nutritional needs of Indonesian people is very high and not all people are able to feel the benefits of meat. Therefore, during the feast of Qurban it becomes one of the opportunities for the community from the below to improve the nutritional intake, especially those derived from the benefits of beef and goat.

Well that is the efficacy of qurban benefits for ourselves as people who are Muslims we must divide our rezki by way of Bequrban on Eid al-Adha with people who are less capable of ya companions.
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