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5 Natural Remedies for relieving Acne

You guys definitely no stranger with acne to be friends? Yes acne is a normal mild disease there upfront that is shaped like ulcers but ill if touched nothing

Immediately we will discuss about medications to overcome the loss of acne & prevent it from coming again, here are natural medicines to remove acne

1. Lime

Lime is a fruit that feels sour but its great benefits once one of those friends is to eliminate acne can also by cutting into two lime lali be wiped out by squeezing a little-small to get out the water.

2. Aloe Vera

 Who does not know this aloe vera if it is outside the country its name is Aloevera this one plant has a long leaf-shaped thorn also has a lot of functions & benefits are many

The way of the wearer is to cut the skin and then taken the inside of it, if it is cut it will look like a sticky & gel.

Go straight if it has been cut and then it is wiped until it is really average yes friends use it every day at the time after bathing & when going to sleep

3. Bengkoang

 Bengkoang fruit is good to eat but Bengkoang fruit can also be used as a natural remedy to remove acne.

The trick is to bend the fruit of bengkoang and the sand is pasted-paste the Feminajah until it looks flat and wait a few hours and rinse with water

4. Former Rice water deposition solution

 If the rice is cleaned with water then the water will be white, the water of the solution is stored in the refrigerator and the bottom of the solution will be deposits, LHA water deposits that can make eliminate acne.

This means that the water is used as a mask on the face when going to sleep & the moment after bathing.

5. yolk

Brass egg can also we make a cure to eliminate acne ya friends, surely you do not know how to use it right?

How to use it by taking the egg brass just then apply with a flat brass egg to our reasonable average & routine every day.

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