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How to Get Rid of Hair Lice Naturally

Head lice are small insect species, which have no wings and live on human heads, the presence of head lice actually does not cause serious enough problems for our health, however, the presence of head lice is very disturbing to us, because of the itching they cause, of course it can interfere with concentration. learn in children.

Head lice that attack the head are caused by several factors, such as the condition of the hair that is not maintained clean so that the lice can grow and reproduce. In terms of handling head lice, we can do this by trimming all hair (bald) and this of course can eliminate head lice as a whole, because the hair as a place for lice is no longer there, but this natural method is certainly not very efficient because even though there are no lice in the hair us but we will also lose the crown of our head which is the hair.

In addition to how to get rid of head lice by cutting hair, there are several alternatives that we can take, namely traditional medicine, or more with the term traditional medicine to get rid of lice in our hair, which we can practice to get rid of lice lodged in our heads, including.

1. Take a few spoons of eucalyptus oil, 
mix with enough lime juice, use this mixture to wet your hair, then massage your scalp while continuing to squeeze your hair until evenly distributed. Then cover the head with a plastic cap and leave it for an hour. Then wash it thoroughly, to get rid of lice eggs, use a special comb, do this therapy several times a week until our scalp is free from the name hair nails.

2. Take a few drops of coconut oil, 
use it to wash your hair, wrap your head with a plastic cap, preferably before going to bed, and wash it in the morning to remove the remaining traces of coconut oil, do the therapy 3 times in a row. To remove head lice eggs, use a special comb to remove head lice eggs.

How to get rid of head lice:

1. Using red onions
The first way you can try is by using red onions. As for the method, namely by smearing the mashed onion on your head, also do the massage slowly. At least you need 5 cloves of red onion. After that, let stand for 1-1.5 hours then wash your hair with shampoo using shampoo.

2. Lime and eucalyptus oil
The first step is to mix enough lime juice with 4 tablespoons of eucalyptus oil. After the two ingredients are evenly mixed, then apply it on the scalp and hair. Let stand for 2 hours, the last step is to wash it with shampoo so that the hair is clean.

3. Coconut oil
Apply enough coconut oil on your scalp and hair, then cover your hair using a shower-cap or plastic shower cap. Let stand for 6 hours, then wash it using shampoo as usual.

4. White vinegar
The nits can be removed easily with white vinegar. Besides that, this natural ingredient is also able to thwart hatching. How to use it is enough to apply enough white vinegar to your scalp and hair. After that let stand for 2 hours and wash it to clean hair.

5. Comb serit or comb with teeth
This comb is one of the tools you can use to get rid of lice and eggs. You can find a serit comb at hair supply stores or traditional markets. But before and after using it make sure it is clean, don't let any lice remain on the comb.

Tips to avoid head lice:

Do not sleep with people who are positive for head lice because the lice can transfer to your hair.
If there are family or friends who feel itchy and their hair has white granules, check it immediately, it could be lice eggs. Immediately do some of the methods above to get rid of it.
Try not to share hair related items such as combs, headscarves, hats, towels, and other items. Because head lice can easily move to your head through these objects.
Always take care of the health and cleanliness of your scalp and hair.

Thank you for visiting and reading the article on how to get rid of hair lice that you need to know because it really disturbs the health of our hair and causes itching. Good luck at home and hopefully the information is useful.
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