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6 Important Business Tools You Will Need to Automate Business Processes

In general , the automation of the business process provides a pretty good advantage for the development of a company. Any manual work can be completed quickly and efficiently with automated business processes. As a form of automation, tools are needed to support this business process. What tools do you need to automate business processes? Here are some tools that you must fulfill.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is software that manages your contact list intelligently. This tool not only records the contact information of each of your customers, but also helps to record the details of the relationship and every interaction you have with the customer, either by phone or by email . This information is a goldfield for your company to identify sales prospects, help customers get to know its products and services, target markets, and even track invoices . The use of CRM will help you increase productivity, sales, and even increase customer satisfaction.

HR Applicant Tracking System (HR ATS)

System tracking applicant or applicant tracking system will be very helpful in HR to find candidates that fit the needs . This tool will record anyone who has applied to your company as well as who you have currently accepted to work with. All the data you need to assess the quality of applicants can also be recorded properly thanks to this tool . There are filtering categories that you can use to select applicants according to company needs so that the process of selecting prospective employees can be more efficient.

HR Management Tools

When you start a business, you can check one by one worker attendance by going around the office. However, this will be very time-consuming when you have recruited more employees. This does not include adding new employee data, tracking employee data, updating employee data, and tracking employee performance each month. All of these things will be very easy to do if you use HR Management Tools . Equipped with a cloud-based system , you can find out the data of each employee in just a few steps, no matter where you are. Sleekr HR, is one of the best cloud-based HRIS which is very easy to use for your business. You can tryfree here now.

Accounting Tools

Accounting work is very tiring. If you have the employees to do it, of course not a problem. However, what if your company is just a small company that hasn't been able to recruit accountants? Of course you will not have time to do that. Accounting tools will help you complete this job. Just enter the required data and all problems will be resolved in just a short time. From customer management to invoicing , everything is in order.


You will easily do data analysis and monthly reporting with this tool . Warehousing systems generally combine various methods, user management systems, data manipulation systems, and other technologies that are useful for knowing the conditions of a company's development. In essence, warehousing will help you to analyze the development of your company. That way, you will understand what company strategy is right for your company. Actually, this warehousing system can be combined with the company's accounting system, for example in Sleekr Accounting , with the warehousing feature. then the company can easily monitor the condition of its warehouse directly with the health condition of the company. Register now for free here .

Social Media Monitoring

The existence of social media as a tool to increase brand awareness is very necessary for any company that wants to introduce their products to customers. However, there may not be time to do all of this. Simplify your social media affairs with special tools that are able to monitor your social media activities. How to increase the number of your followers , the development of engagement , to effective content for your social media will be well measured thanks to this tool .

Those are some of the tools that you must use to automate your business processes. The ease and efficiency offered by these tools will help the company to develop even better in the future.
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