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5 Effective Tips for Dealing with Stubborn Employee Attendance Problems

Not coming to work because of illness or having to take care of family members who have special needs are certainly logical reasons. Apart from being logical, employee absence for this reason is also the right of every employee. Reasons for illness must be given permission to be absent because they involve the health and productivity of employees. The employee's attendance must be managed carefully.

Regarding employees who are unable to attend or have to be absent from the office, of course there are various reasons. If it is still within reasonable limits, employee absence will not be a problem. It is different if there are employees who take time off or are not present at the office for reasons that are not clear, or too often. Sooner or later this will have a negative impact on your business.

Employees who often don't come in will directly interfere with the production process. The production process will be disrupted because the amount of workload that is owned will decrease. There is indeed a re- plotting procedure on the work of the employee concerned. However, if the employee often does not come in, this plotting will also have an impact on other employees.

This simple problem if left to continue will be a serious problem. To anticipate bigger problems due to disorderly employee absences, you can apply the following five tips. Dealing with employees like this requires special handling.

Clear Sick Leave Policy

Companies are required to have a clear sick leave policy. In that sense, there are certain conditions or procedures that employees must perform if they have to take sick leave. For example, by doing permission directly via telephone. Or it could be the inclusion of a doctor's letter for information on the condition of the employee concerned.

This policy is important so that employees do not abuse their sick leave which is their right. With a clear leave policy, the office will receive clear information and authentic evidence of the employee's condition if it is not possible to enter the office. Of course it must also be investigated, with a fever permit and not being present for more than a week, for example, whether this employee really has a serious fever or is just lazy to go to the office.

Reprimand Directly

Call the employee concerned directly and discuss this matter. Of course the conversation that occurs should be in conditions of facing each other one on one. Without being intimidating, the conversation is more personal so that employees can reveal the real reason why he is making trouble with his attendance.

Speak in a subtle yet firm tone so that employees realize that this is a disciplinary reprimand. Employee attendance that continues to have problems will bring other problems if not followed up immediately. The employee concerned should also be asked to make a commitment for the future.

Full Attendance Bonus

As silly as it may sound, offering full attendance bonuses to employees can have an effect on your employees' general attendance. Set certain conditions to get this bonus. Of course by being present every day on time. You can also add other conditions to become additional conditions.

This offer can be applied to each employee in order to reduce unnecessary leave permission. With this kind of motivation, employees will be more eager to come to the office on time and take time off as needed. Also provide reasonable leave limits, such as one or two sick leave during a period of one year of work.

Understand Applicable Labor Laws

When efforts continue to fail to change the employee's excessive absentee habits, do not rush to fire the employee. Understand the labor law, which usually does not make dismissal of employees a punishment for the employee's absenteeism problem, especially if the reason is illness.

If it had gone too far, review the performance of karyaw a n concerned in recent months. Usually employees who have problems with attendance will experience a decline in their overall performance record. This performance record will formally become a reason for the company to review the work contract that has been previously agreed.

Perform Monitoring Office Hours and Attendance

Employee attendance problems can actually be traced from an early age when an employee shows a tendency to be absent for a certain period of time. You can assign HR staff to pay more attention and review to the employees concerned. The use of attendance applications can help you to get valid data.

Attendance applications usually provide realtime dataof every employee who works for your company. Arrival times, rest times, home office times, overtime and outside assignments will be recorded neatly. You can use this data as an evaluation material for problem employees as strong evidence of their presence.
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