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Know the Right Time to Give Your Employee Contract of Work

When your business grows, the need for new employees in various fields is certainly one thing that must be fulfilled. This new recruitment requires precision and accuracy so that later it can match what you need. In the process of recruiting new employees, you must know about employment contracts. An employment contract is a form of document that contains the terms and conditions related to the work required.

Later the work contract will become a binding document between the company, you, and the prospective worker or employee who will be recruited. Before then explaining the exact time and conditions of the work contract required, you should know what the contents of the work contract that you will submit to employees.

The contents of the work contract are at least information related to work, salary and benefits of joining, leave and vacation policies, job classification, schedule and work period of prospective employees, information regarding company secrets, policies for using company accounts for social media, termination of employment and conditions, and conditions after the termination of cooperation.

Then, when is a work contract needed? What conditions make you need to provide employment contracts to prospective employees? Here's the explanation.

Position Required Hard to Replace

When you need a professional with special skills that are difficult to obtain, then you should provide a clear contract letter for the prospective employee. This is because the professionals you need have special abilities, for example related to market analysis skills and competitors, so employees in this position will be valuable assets for the company.

One way to ensure that an employee like this doesn't leave the company without good reason is to tie him up with a work contract.

Employees Have Access to Important Company Information

When you need employees who deal with important company information, then an employment contract is a must. The employment contract can serve as a binder that the employee will not divulge any secrets under all circumstances.

Usually, information leaks often occur when employees are no longer members of your company. However, with the inclusion of provisions regarding the confidentiality of information, you can still have power over confidential information known to the employee.

Don't Want to Avoid Competitions Against Former Employees

In the business world, competing with former employees is not desirable. One thing or another, employees who have worked for your company know the general company strategy. Of course this could be bad news. Employment contracts can be used to avoid this by specifying in detail the binding provisions that employees may not work for competing companies.

This provision could also state that employees who are no longer working in your company may not work for a company within a certain radius, or within a certain period of time at a company engaged in a similar field.

Requires a Clear and Legally Enforceable Agreement Basis

The employment contract contains detailed provisions regarding the cooperation the company has with your employees. Details such as the agreement not to work for a competing company as in the previous point, for example, need to be stated clearly and in detail so that when something goes wrong, you as the employer have clear legal force.

The work contract should also be in the form of a written physical document and given a wet signature from both parties. Because the provisions are complete and detailed and involve many matters, this document should also be in the form of a file so that it can be accessed by all interested parties.

After understanding the right timing and conditions for awarding employment contracts, you can start considering hiring new employees based on the right employment contract. Managing a large number of employees also requires a neat system.
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