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Cutting Administration Time? Employee Application The answer

In the dynamics of the office world, there are always problems that arise in connection with company and employee relations. Problems such as late payment of salaries, errors in inputting salary slips, the length of the leave process, to overtime recap errors and attendance are no longer a special problem. Even though in simple terms this problem can be handled by using employee mobile applications .

The employee application in question is a software intended for employees and is directly connected to the data center in the office. The various problems mentioned above usually have the same root cause, namely human error . The use of employee applications can further reduce the level of human error because everything will be processed in an automatic system.

The employee application itself, has a variety of useful features to help solve routine problems above. Of course, the solution is done by utilizing technology, so that every administrative process carried out will take place in real time and without wasting time.

Various facilities can be obtained by employees, as well as having a good impact in the form of increased time effectiveness for the company. If you are still facing the problems mentioned earlier, consider the conveniences that employee applications provide for the following companies and employees.

Ease of Taking Care of Leave

Leave, is an employee right that must be given. However, the schedule for leave must also be arranged in such a way that it does not interfere with the production process of the company itself. Leave that is structured fairly and regularly, will have a good impact on employee and company relations.

Employees can easily submit the leave schedule they want without having to face the HR department. Up to this point, there has been a necessary cut in time, as a first advantage. Then, the HRD who receives the application through the employee application can enter the schedule submitted to the company calendar to see if there are any remaining leave slots.

If there is, then HRD can directly approve the leave request and provide direct notification to the employee concerned via an application embedded in his smartphone . Leave, which had to be taken care of in advance, can be completed in just a few minutes.

In addition, with the ease of arranging and scheduling leave, companies can delegate tasks more quickly if needed. The data that appears for employees who enter and are actively working will make it easier for companies to provide jobs to employees that are still available , if they are deemed very important and must be completed immediately.

Absence Anywhere

Doing attendance no longer only has to be present at the office. This is very useful for employees who have to conduct meetings outside the office in the morning. Employees do not need to come to the office first to be absent, but can immediately do attendance when they arrive at the meeting location .

Companies can also make settings in the attendance area that can be done, so that employee attendance can be truly controlled. In this way, employees can carry out their obligations properly, and the company can also provide flexibility to its employees when they have to work outside the office.

There are no more mistakes in recording attendance, because any absences made by employees through the employee application on the smartphone will go directly into the database archive that is managed directly from the office or company.

Overtime Calculation Accuracy

When employees are forced to work overtime, there is one calculation of additional wages that the company must provide. This calculation will be based on how long the employee is overtime, when the employee is overtime, and what position the employee is doing overtime.

Recording the status and position of employees in the database provided by the employee application greatly facilitates this. In addition, because the company's production calendar is integrated with absences and working hours, overtime employees will be immediately tracked and recorded accurately. The duration, position and amount of overtime pay will then be included in the details of the salary slip provided.

Employee applications usually combine various features for convenience for employees and companies. The calculation of overtime does not become a problem, because the recording is done automatically so that it can minimize errors, both regarding the identity and position of the employee, the amount of overtime pay, and the duration of overtime performed.

These benefits and conveniences can be found in the employee application that combines every feature they have. Usually, this kind of application will be the target of the company to increase work effectiveness and save time in administrative processes which could potentially slow down the company's work rhythm.
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