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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

When You Trouble With Eyes ,! Do not panic. Cure With These 6 Herbal Ways

THEBOEGIS.COM - Eye infection is a disease that occurs when there are bacteria, fungi, parasites, or viruses that infect the eye. There are many infections that only occur in one eye and there are also other infections that occur in both eyes. There are various types of eye infections that are distinguished based on the cause of the infection and the side of the eye that is infected.

One of the most common examples of eye infections grouped according to the side of the infected eye is conjunctivitis, also known as red eye. Conjunctivitis, namely inflammation of the conjunctiva or membrane that is in the eyelid. Conjunctivitis will change the white side of the eye and the inner side of the eyelid. This disease is a type of infection that is often attacked by children and is known as a contagious disease. This infection is caused by adenovirus, which is called the type of virus that causes colds.

Another common type of eye infection is stye, an infection that also affects the eyelid. This infection is caused by bacteria from the skin that cause irritation to the hair follicles in the eyelashes. This infection will cause swelling and pain in the infected eye.

There are types of eye infections that are easily recovered with drugs, but there are also eye infections that can be contagious. In fact, infectious eye infections are often associated with viral diseases and other sexually transmitted diseases.

If you suffer from an eye infection, your eyes will shed many tears and experience inflammation. Generally Antibiotics are used for various types of eye infections. Antibiotics can work efficiently enough to treat eye infections. However, antibiotics have risks and use without antibiotics without supervision can cause other problems. Because of this, people are generally more comfortable using natural medicines from plants, which have little or no risk.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Causes of Chocolate Spots (Freckles) in the Eyes, Plus the Signs

The appearance of brown spots aka freckles on the face is fairly common. However, it turns out freckles can also appear in the eyeball. I wonder what is the cause and how to recognize the symptoms?

5 Causes of the formation of eye bags

5 Causes of the formation of eye bags
Who has problems with panda eyes? The term panda eye is intended for people who have bags under their eyes. For women, having eye bags can be a problem because eye bags are seen to interfere with appearance. Not infrequently, women who have more costs are usually willing to spend large pockets for eyelid surgery , even to foreign countries.

Eye bags can be triggered by fat moving to the eyelids, this fat then accumulates resulting in swelling. Fluid that is in the eye tissue can be a trigger for swelling in the eye bags. This is what then also causes the skin in the eye area to relax and black circles to form around the eyes.

8 Eye Disorders That Can Become Symptoms of Serious Disease

There are several diseases that can be seen symptoms and signs in the eye. For example, blurred vision, eye color change, and drooping eyelids can be an early symptom of chronic disease. What are the symptoms and disorders of the eye that need to be aware of?

1. Vision blurred suddenly

Vision that suddenly becomes blurred can indicate a problem with blood flow to the eye or brain. If this happens often, then you need to see a doctor, because this could be a symptom of a stroke or other chronic illness.

2. Eyes bulging

Glaring eyes are a sign of graves disease. Graves' disease is a disorder of the immune system in the body that causes the thyroid gland to not function properly. In patients with graves' disease, the thyroid gland becomes aggressive and releases too much hormone, which can cause several health problems such as diarrhea, weight loss, and tremors in the hands. Hyperthyroidism that arises due to this disease can be overcome by carrying out several treatment options such as, hormone drugs, radioactive iodine, and surgery. However, performing surgery or using radioactivity can worsen the symptoms in the eye arising from this graves disease. If you experience these symptoms, it's better to do further tests and consult a doctor.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

7 Safe Rules for Using Contact Lenses for those of you who have dry eyes

7 Safe Rules for Using Contact Lenses for those of you who have dry eyes
Many people with dry eyes avoid contact lenses (contact lenses). It feels awry, if you don't wear contact lenses then vision will blur, but if you wear contact lenses worry about pain, itching, until redness of the eyes will get worse. So, is there an appropriate solution if you want to keep using contact lenses for dry eyes?

A safe guide to using contact lenses for dry eyes
Dry eyes occur when the production of tears, which are supposed to work to moisturize all parts of the eye, instead do not function optimally. For those of you who have this condition, you might feel doubt when you want to wear contact lenses.

Indeed, improper way of using and maintaining contact lenses can actually make dry eyes worse. In fact, it can increase the risk of infection, making you uncomfortable.

However, Alisha Fleming, OD, an eye specialist at Penn Medicine in the United States, said that you can still use contact lenses for dry eyes. Provided, want to apply the safe rules, including:

1. Make sure your hands are clean before using contact lenses

Make sure your hands are clean before using contact lenses
This rule must actually be applied by all contact lens users. Because, directly holding and wearing contact lenses without washing your hands first can risk moving pathogens that cause infection from the fingers to contact lenses, then end up in your eyes.

The key, make it a habit to always wash your hands with soap then rinse with running water until clean. Then dry the whole hand before you use contact lenses.

2. Remove contact lenses before going to bed

Remove contact lenses before going to bed
Sleeping habits still wearing contact lenses can damage the production of natural tears that should lubricate all parts of the eye. As a result, your dry eyes will feel worse.

Not only that, Nicky Lai, OD, an eye health specialist at The Ohio State University, explains that often forgetting to remove contact lenses when going to sleep can harm the cornea which is the outermost protective layer.

The reason is because the amount of oxygen that enters the eye during sleep is not as much compared to when the eyes are open.

3. Use disposable contact lenses

Use disposable contact lenses
There are two common types of contact lenses on the market, which can be used for several months and disposable contact lenses. Well, contact lenses for dry eyes are most recommended are those that should not be used for a long time. It would be better if you choose disposable contact lenses.

Why? Because contact lenses have been used for a long time there is a lot of dirt that has accumulated in it, making it difficult for tears to spread evenly to all areas of your eyes, revealed by Vivian Shibayama, OD, an ophthalmologist at UCLA Health, California.

4. Clean the contact lens container each time you use it

Clean the contact lens container each time you use it
It's not only the contact lenses that you have to keep clean, but also the contact lens storage container. Do this regularly every time you use contact lenses, or even every day to ensure cleanliness.

The rule is that after contacting the contact lens to the eye, the contact lens container must be rinsed using a soft contact solution or liquid. Then let it dry or wipe with clean tissue. All of these steps can reduce the possibility of inflammation and infection causing eye problems.

5. Use eye drops as often as possible

Use eye drops as often as possible
Eye drops are one of the things that must be owned by people with dry eyes. The production of tears that are not able to lubricate the eyes properly, can be further helped by the presence of artificial tears from eye drops.

Tears have an important role as a protective eye from germs while maintaining overall eye health. That is why, an insufficient amount of tears in patients with dry eyes not only create discomfort, but will also increase the risk of infection.

6. Avoid wearing contact lenses for a long time

Avoid wearing contact lenses for a long time
Contact lenses are not designed to be used for a long time, especially for a full day. Ideally, normal eyes can use contact lenses for a maximum of 10 hours a day. But if you have dry eyes, then automatically the contact lens wear time will be shorter.

Dr. Shibayama also added this, according to him, it is better to give room for the eyes to breathe freely for several hours a day. That is, set aside some of your time in a day without using contact lenses. The goal is to allow the eye to get enough oxygen and nutrients from the water that is produced naturally by the eye, without having to be blocked by contact lenses.

7. Routinely see an eye doctor

7. Routinely see an eye doctor
Adhere to the eye doctor's schedule, even if your dry eye symptoms have started to improve. Especially for you contact lens wearers, doctors will usually check the entire eye as well as prescribe new eye drops according to eye conditions. You can also consult about complaints that may have been experienced during the use of contact lenses for dry eyes.
This is just an example, you can fill it later with your own note.