Monday, September 17, 2018

How to Optimize the Latest Blog SEO

How to Optimize the Latest Blog SEO
The development of content marketing technology is increasingly large and very tight, the struggle for positions is the top priority to get high visitors, all thirsty with search results is what is happening in internet content marketing. not all will get a good position on the serp. only a few people will get it all. the strategy must be right on target and relevant to search results for visitors. Have you really focused on SEO? or are you focusing on content? these two factors will have a good impact on the sustainability of content marketing. 

SEO has undergone a transformation and its evolution has changed greatly while articles / content are lives as well as being a protector to get more seo for now. never assume that content is only a small way to get high traffic. I will explain in more detail why content is a new way of seo optimization. here is the right reason for this answer.

Latest Blog SEO Optimization Ways

Google is currently demanding content. This is one of the biggest reasons for investing in content. Google desperately needs high quality, fresh content and relevant content. If you still want to get ranked, then the content is a new way of seo optimization right. 

Visitors want quality. visitors generally consist of people who want extraordinary content. They are looking for reasons to start getting information and conversations generated from search engine records. and Google will try to present index results that are useful to them. If your content attracts attention, then you are in a much higher ranking position. because the articles / content that you create will create SEO and will please your visitors. can be described as "buying two products for one sale". 

Content beats advertising. Visitors generally diligently avoid advertising because they know to look for actual content. remember that their goal is to learn and still the content will be more perfect than the ad you pay for. they will be happy to see the content they are looking for rather than advertising that only focuses on keywords and is far from accurate information.

Content builds customer loyalty. Publishing content regularly can improve your customer service. It can even build customer loyalty. You can build valuable customer loyalty with publishing copy to help your customers get the most out of your product or service. Not only does it maintain loyalty and increase retention, it also displays your credibility and secures your reputation. 

Content makes ROI (return on investment) . According to The Drum, a study conducted in the United States by Kapost and Eloqua found that content marketing was three times more effective than paid search strategies. the position of the content will be even better than having to work on paid techniques.

The Latest SEO Blog Optimization way is a pure way and sure to get the strongest weapon rankings is the biggest content and ways that will not falter when Google releases an algorithm update. there are still many opportunities to get loyalty from search engines, keep on going to get something more than search engines. don't just focus on search engines but focus more on visitors, this will get new positive things to get customers on your site.

Blog iFrame Optimization SEO Friendly

Blog iFrame Optimization SEO Friendly
IFrame Optimization Blog SEO Friendly - Tutorial this time is how to Optimize iFrame Blog SEO Friendly . Before giving the tutorial, I will explain a little about what an Iframe is. Iframe is an HTML tag used in web design to display a web page in a frame on another web page. For more details about what an Iframe is, you can search for references on Google.

Generally the Iframe HTML Code is as below:

<iframe src="" title="Info iframe" width="300" height="250" style="border:none;"></iframe>

So that the Iframe Becomes SEO Friendly , Then We Must Be a Little Editing the HTML Code

Change the code <iframe src = 'CONTENT-CONTENT'> to <object data = 'CONTENT'> . 

For the closing code 

Change code </ iframe> to </ object> . 

So, the results are less or less like this:

<object data="" title="Info iframe" width="300" height="250" style="border:none;"></object>

This method is only useful on blogs that have HTML5 HTML structure
However, if your blog has an HTML structure in the form of XHTML, you must change it to HTML5 in the following way: 

Log in to the Blogger account> Template> Edit HTML> Look for the code like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">
<html expr:dir='data:blog.languageDirection' xmlns='' xmlns:b='' xmlns:data='' xmlns:expr=''>

Then change the above code to:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<!DOCTYPE html>

Then look for the following code:


Usually the code </ html> is located at the end of the template code.

Then replace the code with:


So few tips for iFrame Optimization for SEO Friendly on the Blog , hopefully useful.

SEO Tips For Tumblr Blogs

SEO Tips For Tumblr Blogs
SEO Tips For Tumblr Blogs - Tumblr is not too friendly with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), even so we can still optimize SEO tumblr blogs . As a blogging platform that is currently popular, we can edit Tumblr theme or HTML blogs. This is what we use for Tumblr SEO, which is by adding the Tumblr blog theme code.

Immediately, we discussed the tricks and powerful tips to make blogs on tumblr more SEO friendly with search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo with custum themes. Check out the following SEO tricks and tips :

1. Replace the blog title with the Post

Post title on Tumblr divided into several types, namely; text, photo, quote, chat, link, audio and video. Not all posts give the title column, so if the permalink is opened that appears is the blog title. This creates a few blog keywords that are searched by search engines. For this reason, it is necessary to replace the blog title with the post title. The trick is to change the <title> code in the head tag with the following code:

<title>{block:PostSummary}{PostSummary} - {/block:PostSummary}{Title}</title>

2. Tagging as a keyword

Just like on other platforms, such as Bogger and Wordpress, on Tumblr there is also an option to tag when post. This tag can be used as a meta keyword. The trick is to add the following meta tag keyword:

<meta name=”keywords” content=”{block:Permalink}{block:Posts}{block:Tags}{Tag}, {/block:Tags}{/block:Posts}{/block:Permalink}” />

3. Adding the meta tag title and description

Add the following meta tag title and description code to the Tumblr blog theme:

<meta name=”title” content=”{block:PostSummary}{PostSummary} - {/block:PostSummary}{Title}” />
<meta name=”description” content=”{MetaDescription}” />

4. Use the <h1> tag for the title

Using the <h1> tag on the post or blog title can make a tumblr blog better in the search engine results position. The trick is to look for the {block: Title} code and replace it with the following code:


5. Register the sitemap with Google Webmaster Tools

Tumblr has an XML Sitemap that is function of the sitemap is to provide information to search engines about all pages and posts in a blog. Register or submit our tumblr blog sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. 

6. Install sharing buttons to bookmarks and social media

By installing a button or sharing visitor button or ourselves it will be easier to share posts that have been made to social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google + and so on, or social bookmarking. Tumblr blogs can be read by search engines adding backlinks. 

That's SEO Tips for Tumblr Blogsso that your blog is more SEO, more popular in the eyes of search engines. The most important thing is always post interesting and useful content and share it to twitter, facebok and others.

What are the Benefits of Using SSL Certificates for Website SEO

What are the Benefits of Using SSL Certificates for Website SEO
If we look at the use of SSL Certificates for websites that have grown large, it is very striking. but most others don't use SSL. then what exactly is SSL for? will SSL affect SEO? This is a common question raised by all internet users. Even Google Webmaster itself announced that for websites that have SSL to register separately, either using SSL or without using SSL.

We can see the use of SSL at the beginning of the website URL, that is, with the beginning of the https: / url, while the general one like us is http: /. this difference is striking. then what exactly is this SSL. I explain the following with what I have recorded for this content.

What are the Benefits of Using SSL Certificates for Website SEO

What is SSL Certificate?

Is SSL Certificate a data encryption system which is a layered protocol where in each layer there is a data consisting of length of description and content. SSL retrieves data to be sent, broken into regular blocks, then compressed, encrypted, and the results sent. if it is at the destination, the data will be decrypted, verified, compressed, and then rearranged.

Does SSL Ensure a Secure Website from Hackers?

The answer is no, SSL is only responsible for protecting the data of the website by encrypting data, either sent or displayed (GET) but again SSL cannot protect the website from hacking attacks. If your website has a gap that can be monitored for security, you can be sure your website will still be hacked.

So Why Does SSL Need?

The reason you have to use SSL is so that your data is not peered by the sniffer. For example if you have a website with a login page and your website does not use SSL, there is a possibility when you fill in the login form then click the submit button. Sent data will be peeked by sniffers, resulting in your username and password being known by the sniffer. 

What's more if the username and password are access to your financial transactions. things can be very fatal as a result, that is why almost all internet banking uses SSL to guarantee transaction data security. if you are married with this, I recommend ordering SSL here.

Will SSL Certificate Affect SEO?

Until now SSL was still too early to discuss about the article Om Matt Cuts in this 2014 statement on the Google algorithm has not touched on this. but it can be ascertained that someday Google will definitely announce this. because like already uses SSL too. seo influence will be possible

Regarding SEO itself does not refer to SSL but rather refers to relevant content. even if SSL can affect, this will be a matter of pros and cons. and again Google always has good ideas. so even though we contradict this, Google remains the referee on the internet. Google's decision cannot be underestimated as we know Google is the most widely used machine by internet users. so it's very taboo, if we contradict Google.

As I quoted from the news website pro news. this matter is still in serious discussion. in the end Google will talk about SSL. now we live internet users whether we switch SSL or not if one day google states that SSL Certificate applies to SEO development.

The Role of Social Media to Increase Blog Traffic

The Role of Social Media to Increase Blog Traffic
Maybe there are some people who don't really know that  social media  or what is often remembered by social media is a treasure that is very helpful for the success of a website or blog. as we know that social media is the second most abundant traffic after search engines, many people use social media to get visitors to their websites and succeed, but there are also people who try their best to build traffic from social media in fact nothing or never hatch , because to attract abundant visitors using social media is very difficult, so difficult they finally decided to search only from search engines.

Indeed, capturing visitors from social media is very difficult. I have felt that for almost a month the results are still zero. the effort and effort that I do is like the guide of SEOmasters who say this and it still doesn't give birth. but do you know if you can capture visitors from social media will get abundant traffic plus get loyal visitors, of course you are curious about this. Here are the advantages if you can use social media for your site traffic.

The Role of Social Media to Increase Blog Traffic

Website Traffic will be stable

Having loyal visitors from social media means you have brought loyal visitors who will always return to your website at any time as soon as your post is published. Concrete things that visitors will always be curious about every post you make. then it can be said that your traffic will always be stable even visitors from social media will have a positive impact on your traffic.

Will Not Be Affected by the Search Engine Algorithm

Traffic coming from social media will not be disturbed by the algorithm update, they always keep visiting your website, as I said that visitors from social media will always monitor all the latest updates from your website. even the possibility of bringing their friends to see your website is positive. 

In addition, you are also not required to always monitor the latest SEO for your website, it can be said that visitors from social media do not need the name SEO, because SEO itself is an optimization of the website to get a position in the SERP as said in the post is SEO?

Traffic Will Continue to Increase

Indeed, it can be said that visitors from social media are very affected by their friends whose results are that their friends will be curious about our website. logically every visitor from many social media will likely share to their page automatically all friends will see this posting significantly will get a positive impact and a good response.

Many ways to get abundant traffic from social media, but you need to know the level of difficulty will feel very heavy, because maybe you will always take your time to continue to interact with them, if you never interact with them of course you will be difficult to get visitors from social media.

In addition to taking up time to build traffic from social media, you have to know what social media users want, because if you think about a particular niche, there are many possibilities that social media users will never think of you, this is what might saturate, indeed to search friends from social media that are in line with our niche will feel heavy, especially if you have never had a bright idea that social media users may have known beforehand it is likely that your business will never be considered by them.


Indeed, bringing in traffic is very difficult, but all you have to do is focus on what you believe, the God willing will be better than you don't focus at all, if you really focus then things that are impossible will become possible.