Sunday, November 3, 2019

Choose Treatment for Irritating Yellow Eyes

Normally, apart from the cornea which is usually black or brown, the rest of the eye will be white. However, if your eyes suddenly turn yellow, you should be suspicious. This could be a sign of a certain health problem. Then what makes the eyes turn yellow? How to cure yellow eyes?

Causes of yellow eyes

Saturday, November 2, 2019

5 Tips to Prevent Itchy Eyes at Night, So you sleep more soundly

Experiencing itchy eyes at night can make sleep disturbed and not restful. If left unchecked, this condition can reduce your productivity because of the drowsiness that interfere with lack of sleep . If you often feel itching in the eyes at night, consider the following ways to prevent it.

Prevents itchy eyes at night

Friday, November 1, 2019

Kecelakaan di Tol JORR, Ini Kondisi Dylan Carr Pasca Operasi

Kecelakaan di Tol JORR, Ini Kondisi Dylan Carr Pasca Operasi
Kecelakaan di Tol JORR, Ini Kondisi Dylan Carr Pasca Operasi
Dylan Carr Pendarahan Otak Usai Hantam Truk, Belum Sadarkan Diri Pasca 4 Jam Dioperasi 2019/11/01

Dylan Carr Kecelakaan Mobil

Menurut keterangan mantan kekasih Dylan Carr, Hana Saraswati, kondisinya saat ini masih terbaring lemah di ruang ICU setelah menjalani operasi selama 4 jam.
Kabar mengejutkan datang dari Dylan Carr. Aktor berdarah Inggris-Italia-Indonesia itu dikabarkan mengalami kecelakaan mobil di Ruas Tol Jakarta Outer Ring Road KM36 arah Cikunir pada Kamis pagi (31/10).

Dylan kemudian langsung dilarikan ke rumah sakit Colombia Pulomas, Jakarta Timur. Kondisi terbaru pria berusia 24 tahun itu diketahui sedang menjalani operasi akibat mengalami pendarahan otak.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

4 Advanced Tips for Maintaining Eye Health for Millennials (Ages 20-30s)

All bodily functions will generally weaken with age, including the function of the sense of sight. Generally, the eyes will begin to be less alert when we reach the age of mid 20 years to 30s. However, no need to worry! You actually can, really, while maintaining eye health at this age.

Tips for maintaining eye health in their 20s and 30s
The eye is one of the organs of the body that you must maintain its function properly. Therefore, there is no need to wait until entering old age to start maintaining eye health. The sooner you start to maintain your vision function, the sooner the benefits you get.

Here are some things that you can apply from now on for awake eyesight until old age.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Getting to know glaucoma implants, the latest treatment for glaucoma

Glaucoma is a visual impairment that can cause blindness. To prevent blindness, there are several treatment methods that can be done, one of which is glaucoma implants. So, how is this procedure done?

Glaucoma implants, alternatives to overcome difficult cases of glaucoma
Based on data compiled by the Ministry of Health Riskesdas (KEMENKES RI) in 2007, the number of patients with glaucoma reached up to 4.6 per 1,000 population.

The disease that attacks vision is caused by an increase in pressure on the eyeball. This happens because of the accumulation of fluid in the eye, which leads to nerve damage to the eye.

This damage is permanent, so glaucoma can not be cured completely and ends in blindness.

Although glaucoma cannot be cured, the cause of this condition can be controlled so that it can  reduce the risk of blindness . Glaucoma can generally be overcome only by using drugs if the condition is not severe.

However, if various types of glaucoma treatment fail to improve the patient's condition, the doctor will recommend surgery. One operation that can be done is glaucoma implant surgery.

Glaucoma implants, also called glaucoma drainage devices, are used to block or even stop the progression of glaucoma. This effort was made so that the patient's condition did not lead to blindness.

Glaucoma implants are considered as the last treatment option if various other types of treatment fail to reduce intraocular pressure, which is the main cause of glaucoma.

Monday, October 28, 2019

What Needs to Be Done After Glaucoma Implant Installation?

Glaucoma implants are an alternative treatment for glaucoma patients in the chronic phase or commonly referred to as refractory glaucoma / difficult cases of glaucoma. When deciding to use the implant, what are the treatments that need to be taken so that the glaucoma implant remains good?

Reasons to choose implants, one method of glaucoma treatment
Before knowing how to treat after implant placement, it helps you know the reasons for using implants compared to other glaucoma treatments.

Based on the Mayo Clinic page  , the method of treating glaucoma patients actually consists of various types. These methods include drugs, lasers, trabeculectomy operations, to implant placement.

Among them, implants should be chosen as the ultimate solution when other methods fail to treat glaucoma patients.

Dr. dr. Virna Dwi Oktariana, SpM (K) who was met in an exclusive interview at the launch of the Virna Glaucoma Implant product in the Salemba area, Central Jakarta (26/6) explained the purpose of installing glaucoma implants.

Primarily, implant placement is expected to reduce eye pressure in glaucoma sufferers .

This installation can also have an impact on other treatments performed by glaucoma patients. For example, patients who have previously used drugs, say as many as 5 types of drugs, can reduce their consumption of the drug or even get rid of it altogether.

That is why, implants are the right alternative to overcome difficult cases of glaucoma.

7 Myths of Red-Eye Due to Conjunctivitis that Need to be Straightened

There are many myths when someone experiences problems with red eyes. Red eye is actually a medical condition called conjunctivitis. Reporting from the National Eye Institute,  this condition occurs when the conjunctiva is inflamed. To correct various myths related to red eye due to conjunctivitis, consider the following review.

Myths about red eye due to conjunctivitis

Here are some myths about conjunctivitis or pink eye that need to be clarified:

Is it dangerous if there is a blockage in the baby's tear ducts?

In medical language, obstruction of the tear duct is called nasolacrimal duct obstruction. This condition is indeed often experienced by newborn babies, whether in one or both eyes. So, what causes blocked tear ducts in infants and how to care?

Why can tear ducts in babies get blocked?
Normally, tears play an important role in supporting a person's vision. This clear liquid will keep the eye moist, supply oxygen to the eye, remove substances that are at risk of irritating the eye, to coat the surface of the eye.

Tears produced by the tear glands, will be flowed into the tear ducts. Unfortunately, sometimes the tissue layer (membrane) in the tear duct actually closes so that it prevents the flow of tears about to enter.

As a result, the tear ducts are blocked in the baby, which then makes the tears remain welled on the surface of the eye. The most common reason why the tear ducts in the baby can get blocked, namely because the hole in the eyelid (punta) in the baby has not fully developed.

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