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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Medication for Stomach Ulcers with Cinnamon Root

Herbal plants in such a popular country so many ingredients and kinds that are so useful and the main thing we know, one of the herbs that are consumed as medicine is liquorice.
This sweet root in its Latin meaning that is Glycyrrhiza glabra in cinat plant is known by the meaning of Gan cao, or licorice (philipina), this is only different meanings but the same benefits and benefits.

Five Deadly Diseases data are overcome by these leaves

The benefits of the vile leaves of shard as a natural remedy. Abominable shard is one of the bush plants that have a height of approximately 1 to 2 mtr. General signs of this plant that is having a broad stem with a rounded shape and has coarse hair.

Vile shard plants spread widely in some locations in Madagascar and Indonesia and can grow well at an altitude of about 50-1. 200 masl. Fertile soils such as in rural areas, such places are suitable for the breeding of these vile shard plants.

Abominable shard is one of the medicinal plants that has many health benefits, this plant is generally used as a traditional medicine that can handle various types of health problems such as kidney stones and smooth s3n! Water. Not only that this vile leaf can be identified can also treat various types of diseases including diabetes.

Very dangerous ! If ignored. This star can kill you Slowly

Do you ever understand if your body is overgrown with parasites?
As we know when parasites are harmful living organisms that generally live in one place only to find food to benefit them and to harm the living things they possess.

From some research if the human body is one of the most easily overgrown with parasites. Parasites that grow in the human body will give bad effects and cause some diseases in the body.
There are even some signals that characterize if your body is full of parasites. As written from Tribunnews. com, here is one of them:

Saturday, February 1, 2020

This Plant Juice Is Able To Complete Coronary Heart

Coronary heart disease is one of the most important causes of death in Indonesia. Previously, many heart diseases were affected by some elderly (aged 60 years and over). But getting here, at the age of 40 there has been someone who suffered heart disease.

This kind of thing is due to lifestyle and the environment is increasingly not good.

Some aspects of the chance of heart disease one of them entered the age of 45 years. for men as well as 55 th. for women, there is a narrative of heart disease in the family, diabetes, routine routine, high blood pressure (hypertension), obesity (obesity), bad lifestyle, stress and lack of physical activity / exercise.

In terms of the opportunities above, there are a number of opportunities that cannot be modified, namely aging, and there are family stories of natural heart and blood vessel problems.

Beyond that, some of the opportunities that can be modified with lifestyle changes include high blood pressure, diabetes or diabetes mellitus, routine routines, obesity or obesity, stress, bad lifestyle, and lack of exercise.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Diabetes, uric acid, kidney, heart and Lever disease can be cured with breadfruit leaves

The presence of traditional medicine to cure various diseases is increasingly sought after. The benefits of breadfruit leaves to treat kidney, diabetes and heart can be alternatives to cure health problems without any expensive costs.

The steps to process breadfruit leaves into natural ingredients are not the same depending on the type of problem a person has. Do not let the wrong process because it can have a bad risk for your health.

Unless the fruit can be consumed as a snack of chips, the breadfruit tree also stores a million benefits on its leaves. Generally, herbal medicines have basic ingredients that are processed by boiling the leaves and then drinking the water or drying the leaves to dry. Then immediately drunk or added some other herbal ingredients.
This is just an example, you can fill it later with your own note.