Mainframe computer Z14 ZR1 price, this feature makes it expensive

Mainframe computer Z14 ZR1 price, this feature makes it expensive

Recently many were made curious at what price computer Mainframe Z14 ZR1. It is because after the emergence of news about the submission of funds from the (regional tax and Levy) BPRD DKI Jakarta.

No mess, the funds raised for the purchase of 1 set of computers reached hundreds of billions of rupiah. That's included to buy Mainframe Z14 ZR1.

The proposal was even presented by the head of BPRD DKI Jakarta, Faisal Syafruddin. He said that 1 complete computer unit along with his device will be used to know and map the local tax potential.

The proposed Total budget amounted to Rp 128.9 billion which was included in the budget of Jakarta's 2020 area revenues and expenditures.
Through a discussion meeting of RAPBD 2020 with Commission C of DPRD DKI and provincial government of DKI Jakarta, Faisal said that the system in the computer will be able to examine the potential of all types of local taxes digitally.

So the expectation BPRD DKI can know the real number of local tax receipts that must be entered into the district Treasury every year.

The price of computer Mainframe Z14 ZR1 reached 66.6 billion rp.  It was like the head of the BPRD of DKI Jakarta, roughly what makes it expensive and so fantastic?

IBM Z14 Model ZR1 designed with Cloud Data-Centric, with Masimum Security and enterprise Server quality

Today's announcement extends the leadership of IBM® Z, by delivering:
  • Z14 Entry Model reorganized in industry standard frame form factor
  • Platforms that can deliver a trusted digital experience in a scalable, public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure
  • New flexible options for an all-in-onesolution that can be upgraded rapidly to deliver production and development features
To help businesses capitalize on new opportunities, IBM has taken the technology introduced in IBM z14 (z14). They also set it up to be a new, nimble corporate server. This device is to replace previous systems such as Z13s™, zBC12, and z114.

Z14 Model ZR1 delivers high reliability capabilities in the framework of smaller industry standards, with a lower entrance fee. It can easily partner with other platforms in the Cloud data center.

The key value proposition of the Model z14 M01 – M05 is equally relevant to the new ZR1 Model, including pervasive encryption.

In an increasingly complicated world of regulatory requirements and external threats, client data security and workloads are crucial.

Z14 Model ZR1 can be a base for secure, integrated clouds, leveraging features such as Central Processor Assist for Cryptographic Functions (CPACF), Crypto Express® 6S. It is useful for FIPS-4 certified Encryption Key management, the system's trusted Entry Key (TKE)).

As well as upgraded applications from secure service containers that can promptly include client applications.

Valuable data assets in IBM Z® can be quickly integrated for maximum data intelligence, actionable insights, and predictive behavior for the record system and client engagement system.

Combining feedback from close client collaboration, the ZR1 Model z14 is designed to be an industry-standard 19-inch shelf form factor that is easy to plan and install into your data center.

For clients accustomed to the previous server, this revised trace allows the server to be installed in much less space than the previous bid, using only two average data center tiles.

IBM Z14 Model ZR1

The ZR1 Model is also based on the Power Distribution Unit (PDU). This creates opportunities to harness the power degradation of common data centres while maintaining redundant power cords, cooling, and cables. These features are intrinsic to the IBM Z offerings with high reliability.

For clients with 32 or fewer I/O cards, there is also the option to allow a portion of the frame to store switches, storage, or other server components with the backup space feature of 16U.
This reserved space creates options for client flexibility to create a single-framework ecosystem.

Looking at the advantages offered, it is not surprising if BPRD DKI Jakarta want to use the device set computer Mainframe Z14 ZR1. The device is planned to be used to monitor local taxes in the region.
Mainframe Computer Systems and Multiprogram Batch Systems

Mainframe Computer Systems and Multiprogram Batch Systems

Mainframe computer
processing large applications and data. With a very expensive price and its function also to process data and applications that are very large, Mainframe Computers can only be used by large companies as well as Government and

Banks. Mainframes can serve hundreds and even thousands of users simultaneously. Besides being expensive, this computer consumes a large amount of electricity. Mainframe uses in the banking sector are for transactions and in the field of government are usually used for censuses, vehicle taxes, military purposes, research research.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Mainframe Computers
History of Computer Mainframes

History of Computer Mainframes

The mainframe computer is a device created by IBM even though it was considered outdated in the 90s by its competitors, but until now mainframe products continue to grow rapidly and strongly.
For more than four decades, IBM has invested in developing and expanding the functional capabilities of computer equipment, including the latest technology platforms such as Linux, Java and Websphere. The first beginning of the development of computer mainframes occurred in the 60's which demanded data processing resources for various government activities.

A few years later, this tool has become an administrative tool for use in many local companies and government agencies because it can accelerate work and efficiency in greater administrative and operational procedures. Gradually they began to create their own data processing centers. Some versions of the famous mainframe computer are the IBM 165 version which has features with the largest data storage capacity in its time up to a capacity of 3 megabytes.

Until now, the development of computer mainframes continues to be developed, one of which is IBM Academic, which launched a variety of development programs that include more than 150 universities and institutions of higher education throughout the world. This is intended to equip professionals with special knowledge in mainframe technology and provide educational resources on IMB technology.
Many companies developing telecommunications equipment, especially computers, have developed computer mainframes to be even better and effective for personal and general use. Computer mainframes are the basis of the formation of various and types of computers circulating in the community.

For this reason, IBM from year to year has programs dedicated to young people and professionals to develop skills in the field of mainframes, and allow them to enter more easily into the labor market, as well as providing special skills to replace a technician who has already no productivity anymore. And according to the news already more than 50 thousand professionals who have computer mainframe skills throughout the world until now
Mainframe Computers: Definition and Characteristics (Complete Discussion)

Mainframe Computers: Definition and Characteristics (Complete Discussion)

THEBOEGIS.COMMainframe Computers: Definition and Characteristics (Complete Discussion) - The following will be explained in a straightforward manner about what a Mainframe Computer is and what are the characteristics of a Mainframe Computer itself. And explained what is the difference between Mainframe Computers and Super Computers.

Mainframe Computers: Definition and Characteristics (Complete Discussion)

Let's start by understanding the meaning of mainframes first.

Definition of Mainframe

Mainframe in English is a term of Information Technology that refers to the highest class of a computer consisting of several computers capable of performing many complex computing tasks in a very short period of time. Mainframes are generally widely used by users who are connected directly using the terminal.