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عرض المشاركات من مارس, 2020
Ortthosiphon Aristatus belongs to the botanical family of Labiatae or Lamiaceae. This plant is… قراءة المزيد Benefits of Orthosiphon Aristatus for body Health
High Vitamin C content in pears is an important body ammunition to prevent the growth of cancer … قراءة المزيد Benefits of pear fruit efficacy for body health
Apple fruit can be utilized to improve brain intelligence. By regularly consuming apples the bra… قراءة المزيد Apple fruit benefits for health and beauty
Menurut situs organisasi kesehatan dunia, WHO, corona sudah ditetapkan sebagai pandemi. Seluruh … قراءة المزيد Memasang Widget Update Virus Corona di Blog
Diabetes is a disease that must be wary of Indonesian people. International Diabetes Federation … قراءة المزيد Benefits of Insulin leaf efficacy for Diabetes disease
Food that can be a beautiful food coloring with the color of this wood has a series of excellent… قراءة المزيد Purple sweet potato benefits for health and weight loss
Badam is important for health because of its various ingredients, it can be eaten raw, steamed l… قراءة المزيد Benefits of fruit Badam efficacy for body health
Bone Fracture (Euphorbia tirucalli) is a type of herb that is usually used as an ornamental plant… قراءة المزيد Benefits of bone fracture efficacy for body health
The site (Catharantus roseus) is often also named as a flower, the tread Doro, Chinese hibiscus, … قراءة المزيد Benefits of leaf leaves for healthy body health
We often see this one plant scattered in the city parks, sidewalk roads, office pages and in the … قراءة المزيد Benefits of fruit Bintaro efficacy for body health
Fruit Mengkudu is a type of nutritious fruit complete, nutrients contained in the fruit of the me… قراءة المزيد Benefits of the fruits of Mengkudu for body health
The entry of the Corona virus in Wuhan to Indonesia, makes most of the community panic. All ways… قراءة المزيد Prevent COVID-19, do you need healthy masks?
Corona virus threats The cause of COVID-19 in Indonesia makes the majority of the community fret… قراءة المزيد Facing the Corona Virus, it's a must and never do
Since last December, people in all parts of the world are worrying about cases of dangerous pneu… قراءة المزيد Plague in China, it's a way of transmission of Pneumonia
The use of mainframe computers is currently only intended for private companies or government age… قراءة المزيد Advantages of computer Mainframe you need to know
Recently many were made curious at what price computer Mainframe Z14 ZR1. It is because after th… قراءة المزيد Mainframe computer Z14 ZR1 price, this feature makes it expensive
Computer Mainframe: Understanding and its (discussing full) – The following will be explained in … قراءة المزيد Computer Mainframe: Understanding and its (discussing full)
Many Boroco plants grew wildly on the side of the road, the edge of the gutters, deserted land a… قراءة المزيد Benefits of Boroco's efficacy for body health
Unlike cow's milk that is high in saturated fats, fat soy milk is largely unsaturated and no… قراءة المزيد Benefits of soy milk efficacy for body health
The Four O'Clock Fireworks (Mirabilis Jalapa), the name is quite strange? Why is it said fou… قراءة المزيد The benefit of four o'clock flower for body health
The pharmacological effect of fennel, including increasing body resistance, flu, anti-kholineste… قراءة المزيد The benefits of fennel leaves for body health
Members of Orange family such as lemons, limes/lime, etc. are indeed similar to each other. Some… قراءة المزيد Benefits of Lemon fruit for skin and hair beauty
Dadap or Trael (chicken, the Sea (Jw.; Dadap Blendung (Sd.); Theutheuk (Md.); Dalungdung (Bal.);… قراءة المزيد Efficacy of leaves Dadap Serep for body health
Fruit Gandaria is a popular fruit tree, fruit is similar to small mango fruit. Although it tastes … قراءة المزيد Benefits of fruit Gandaria efficacy for body health
Watermelon is a fruit that contains a lot of water, this fruit is very suitable to be eaten in h… قراءة المزيد Benefits of Watermelon for Health and Beauty
This plant is often called Strobilanthes crispus, including the family of the Acanthaceae plant kn… قراءة المزيد Benefits of Efficacy Leaf Kecibeling For Body Health
Coronavirus Infection Symptoms  Corona viruses can lead to a variety of symptoms. These emergin… قراءة المزيد How to suspend an infected corona virus
Having a large spread of corona (coronavirus) viruses to various countries, there is one news th… قراءة المزيد Love Extreme food, bat soup spread Corona Virus
11 million inhabitants of Wuhan city, China, were panicked after many people fell ill after a … قراءة المزيد 10 must-know Coronavirus Facts
Coronavirus or Corona virus is a large family of viruses that causes a mild to moderate upper re… قراءة المزيد Understanding Coronavirus