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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Consume these 3 ingredients in the juice, you will not be attacked by cancer or tumors anymore.

Cancer is a destructive disease that oncologist recommends chemotherapy as well as radiation healing despite the fact that it does not get rid of the breasts, colon or lung cancer and almost every time is followed by risk and complications. There are many of them who admit how cancer destroys their lives.

Just by mixing these 3 ingredients, you will not get cancer or tumors anymore

Fortunately, you can now prevent the development of cancer by using recipes based on natural ingredients. In fact, the mixture of three substances is proven to help prevent the development of cancerous tumors.

The proven leaves can destroy cancer only takes 3 weeks

The proven leaves can destroy cancer only takes 3 weeks
Soursop fruit is recognized to avoid and cure canker disease. It can be used as firewood or handicraft materials. The middle of the leaves can be used to treat various diseases.

Benefits of soursop leaves for health
There may be a lot of our people who know about it. Therefore, here I will share with you everything about the benefits of soursop leaves to make you more understand it.

1. Soursop leaves as cancer medications
The benefit of the first soursop leaves to avoid and treat cancer. Based on research, soursop leaves contain pro-active substances that can kill cancer cells.

The active pro substances in soursop leaves can also see which cells need to be killed and which cells are the main ones to stay alive. Therefore, the leaves of this soursack believe have a efficacy of up to 100 times compared to the treatment of cancer through chemotherapy.

The way to get the benefits is to drink the water of soursop leaves regularly every morning and afternoon for several weeks.

If at least you have been around for 3 weeks, so you will start to feel the effect if your body is already lighter than most. Do not forget to always consult your doctor about the actions you take.

2. Potent Hemorrhoids cure
The benefit of the 2nd soursop leaves as a healer cure hemorrhoids. As we know, hemorrhoids are diseases that attack the anus in the form of swelling.

In circumstances that have been at risk, hemorrhoids will cause the anus

The patient feels such pain and blood release. Uniquely, the disease can be treated by the leaves of the unexpected plants that are soursop leaves. Soursop leaves contain substances that can stop bleeding in the anus and can make the anus ' surrounding muscles more enjoy until the swelling little by little will shrink. So, the disease will be resolved.

3. Leaf Soursop handle uric acid
Uric acid is a disease that attacks a result of patients consuming foods that have excessive amounts of purine content. Generally, many purines are conceived by Melinjo fruit. For those of you who have already suffered this disease, do not worry because the disease can be solved by using soursop leaves.

How to use it by making water stew soursop leaves and drink when warm. The exception of treating uric acid, water decoction of betel leaf is also In a testament as a preventive disease of diabetes mellitus.

4. Lower Cholesterol
Some studies show that this soursop leaf is quite potent in lowering the content of bad cholesterol in the blood. Soursop leaves contain substances that can get rid of bad cholesterol from your body.

Generally, these nasty cholesterol seems because you are less selective in the food set.
Examples of foods rich in bad cholesterol are fried duck, fried chicken, fry and food containing a lot of oil.

What if frying time is running, cooking oil is used repeatedly until the color is blackened. That's where bad cholesterol will then go into the body to spread the disease at risk.

5. Soursop leaves for acne handling
Most recently, the benefits of this soursop fruit leaf is the prevention of acne. How to obtain this benefit is to smooth soursop leaves by using a Mashed.

After smooth, give the water and place the face that most have the potential to grow pimples. Wait until the content is pervasive and rinse with warm water.

This herb is much needed by people in the past in protecting their beauty. A few explanations about the benefits of soursop leaves. Hopefully it can give you many benefits.

Good luck!

It can relieve tooth pain only a time of 7 minutes

The person who suffered the pain of toothache did not hesitate-hesitate to shed tears with another mention crying because it is not resistant to the pain, not only only teeth that are sick but also other limbs of the head. If you have a toothache, unless you do not have appetite, even taking medication also you must endure pain. - It can relieve tooth pain only a time of 7 minutes

Just within 7 minutes your tooth ache is gone. You're certainly curious? As we quoted from Situsentertainment. COM, this guide has been through the research section in Canada starting in the 80's.

This research can successfully get one of the most potent dental pain medications to get rid of the pain in the shortest possible time. Why the second? Because the area is in fact a place as a nerve tip connected with the center of pain in the brain. So you just simply rub-rubbing the ice cubes at that point so within 7 minutes, the pain in your teeth will disappear.

Well, already know the tips of the Jitunya? Give these tips keteman-teman that require, especially those who are some often toothache, by sharing this article you've helped some people. Let us equally please help in the matter of kindness. Thank.

Friday, February 21, 2020

This fruit is very effective to kill cancer, enough 5 minutes of cancer can heal in total

Awesome news spreads on taking out the world quickly and giving great hope to millions of people. Facilitate successful scientists get an anti-cancer drug that is natural and hengel.

This discovery is going on because of accident. Whatever it is, it is certainly a very encouraging result. Some scientists find that this fruit can kill carcinogenic tumors using the drug EVS-46 which is made from the seed of the fruit coming from the Blushwood tree.

The fruit of this tree can kill different types of cancer very quickly. In fact, of 75 percent of the problem, in the know of cancer never relapse anymore. Blushwood is such a rare tree that can only grow in specific areas of northern Australia. The invention gained from the study results for 8 years by a group of

Scientists from the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Brisbane. The research was led by Dr. Glen Boyle. An, which makes a sample of the drug comes from this fruit, EBC-46, and has been used in 300 animals, including cats, dogs and horses.

No risk is caused, but what makes the scientist amazed how fast this fruit compound works. The remedy of this fruit reacts just five minutes and the tumor disappears in a few days.

 "Compound it works with three basic steps, kill some tumor cells in a way immediately, cut the blood supply and activate the immune system to clean up the abandoned mess.

 "It is surprising for us and so rare that we encounter the speed is running,

 "says Dr. Boyle. Dr. Boyle hoped, this fruit compound is only used for tumors that can be open through injection in an immediate manner. But the treatment will not be efficient for the type of metastatic cancer, therefore, can be coupled with chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Source: Healthy Food Team, My Fit Magazine.

Benefits of longan fruit seeds

Like to eat longan fruit? Except for the sweet tastes and the freshness of the seeds, there are a variety of amazing benefits that we can use. Here are some of the benefits and benefits of longan seeds.

Benefits of Longan Seeds

1. Longan  seeds can treat snakebites 
If you are bitten by a snake to neutralize poisons so that they do not spread to the heart, you can try the initial treatment / first aid by sorting them with longan seeds, because longan seeds are believed to absorb toxins due to snakebites and sucking the toxin

2. Longan seeds protect hair health 
Surely you do not want your hair to be damaged quickly, dry and even easy to fall out, a natural way to protect your hair is to try using longan seeds for shampoo, because longan seeds contain saponin, which is the basic ingredient that is usually used for shampoo

3. Handling Finger itchy and festering feet 
Take some longan seeds, roast them on fire. Mash until smooth, spread the affected part.

4. Burns 
Take a little skin or longan shell, burn until charcoal. Finely mash and mix with tung oil (Aleuritis fordii). Give the burned part.

5. Outer wounds that do not heal 
Take a little skin or longan shell, burn to charcoal. Finely mash and mix with olive oil. Give it to the injured area.

Other benefits of longan fruit such as the following:

  • Weak and lack of energy during pregnancy
  • Nourish the Intestine
  • Smoothing Various

Laxative Diseases and Blood Flow: 
The middle of the longan tree root is also useful as a laxative urine and facilitate blood flow.

Antiinflammatory and Fever Reducers: 
Leaves from longan trees are also useful as an anti-inflammatory and fever reducer.

Get Rid of Pain and Stop Bleeding
Well so Don't Throw Your Longan Seeds!

6 reasons why you should drink hot water on an empty stomach

Each person has their own morning routine. Some people drink a cup of coffee or tea and some drink one glass of cold water. Some people do not know that drinking hot water every morning can have a big effect on our body.

Hot water

Your digestion will be enhanced, you will get rid of the former metabolism as well as toxins at risk from your organism. We will have 6 arguments why you must drink hot water every morning.

1. Detoxification organ
Drinking hot water on an empty stomach will help you to get rid of toxins on your body. The argument is because of liquids, especially water can help in the dispersion of food in organisms and improve digestion. Remember to drink heat instead of cold water, every morning.

2. Increase your metabolism
We all have abdominal pains. You just need to drink one glass of warm water every morning as well as it will increase your metabolism. Your body will be well played and abdominal pain will disappear in a short time.

3. Pain relief
Some people think that the warm water is the medicine ku4t and can reduce the cramps m3n5tru4s1. The heat from the water will reduce the abdominal muscles and reduce pain. Remember that warm water is good for all types of cramps, not just cramps m3n5tru4s1. The argument is because water can increase capillary flow and will loosen the muscles.

4. Body weight
If you want to get rid of the weight gain you already know that one glass of warm water every morning will help you to achieve a good result for a short period of time. Warm water will increase the body temperature and will accelerate the organism. Your kidneys will also benefit from it.

5. Increase the flow
We convey that drinking warm water every morning will remove the benefits of toxins from your body as well as this will improve your flow.

6. Slowing Aging
Premature aging is a problem and that is a system that is difficult for women. You can avoid aging system by drinking warm water every morning. Toxins in your organism can accelerate this system as well as drinking warm water can remove toxins in our body and it will improve the elasticity of the skin as well.
There are many arguments why you must drink warm water every morning. When you enjoy sharing this writing with your friends as well as family.

Monday, February 17, 2020

3 ways to identify oral health problems with tongue

Tongue is generally ignored as a source of info about your health. Signs such as headaches, fever and vomiting attract more attention to the signs associated with the tongue. However, if you don't feel good, we see your tongue and you may find out what the problem is.

5 Signs of breast cancer that should not be ignored

Breast cancer is one of the most cancerous types
Commonly exposed to women. In America, there are around 246. 660 cases
Breast cancer, and more than 40. 450 women died
Because of this disease.

Beyond that, 1 in 8 women in the United States could potentially
Breast cancer throughout her life. These numbers
Should be a reminder, so you can do
To prevent as early as possible.

To avoid or treat it, you need to know
Signal from this disease. Know the following symptoms
Very main, as an attempt to save
Your life.

This woman eats pineapple for a week, what happens?

Pineapple fruit has several health benefits and is so efficient in resisting water retention, bloating and cellulite. Pineapple is rich in water content (around 90%), potassium that can remove water content, as well as iron that can make red blood cells that serve to transport oxygen to all bodies.
In addition, pineapple is also rich in bromelain that can launch the digestive system and have an antiin character × Amasi.

Not only that, pineapple can also increase your body metabolism. 

The pineapple Diet has the power to neutralize the effects of excessive eating as well as toxins that go into the body because it consumes unhealthy food. The pineapple Diet can help lose body weight by 3 kg in one week.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

It turns out that the smell of farts can treat deadly diseases, do you not believe?

THEBOEGIS - Indeed most of the oranag will always be avoided and angry when farting recklessly and throw a smell that is not very tasty.

However, after learning of a study from the University of Exeter in England, you will be very surprised that the view becomes transformed.

Researchers found that the smell of the farting aroma could have healed several diseases including heart, cancer, arthritis, and also Dimensia.
Fart derived from hydrogen sulfide Gas that is solved by bacteria, sulfide Gas in high doses can actually be able to mean, but in the farting dose is very low and can instead be healthy.

Reported from the Times Friday July 11, 2014, for Wood experiments and the team made the artificial gas with the name AP39, this dose is then blown in the mitochondria.

The cell Organ is ready to absorb nutrients and it is transformed into an energy by destroying itself, so that when the mitochondria are destroyed the body will be weak and will be susceptible to disease.

And it turns out our artificial gases can keep the mitochondria crushed in the process of an energy creation and we strongly believe restoring the Miticondria is a key to being able to heal and treat various diseases.

Therefore now Suadah know the benefits of farting, apparently squeeze farts have tremendous benefits despite the numberless ask forgiveness very smell really.

the most effective way to overcome insomnia with this ingredient

Insomnia can be caused by various types of things, including depression, worry and stress.

Some specific drugs can also be the cause.

Hardly most people today feel it.

With the exception of other recipes, banana tea is also thought to be so helpful in dealing with insomnia problems.

Not just natural and organic, but how to make it is also simple.

Banana, special skin contains magnesium and potassium.

Magnesium acts to avoid sleep problems.

Combination with magnesium will help relax the muscles of the body.

As written from HealthDefinition. com, provide one banana, one glass of water, and cinnamon if needed.

Cut both ends of the banana.

Boil in boiling water with the skin.

Let it boil for 10 minutes

Monday, February 10, 2020

How to make pads on the feet, to remove all toxins

The Japanese, was the first to wear pads on the legs to get rid of toxins. The cushion, attached to the soles of the feet at night until morning.

This way, in the know can remove some of the toxins at risk. Generally, after waking in the morning, the cushion has been fruitful color as a consequence because of the many toxins that are absorbed.

The laying of these pads is done on the feet, because the legs are the broad side of the body for blood flow. And the flow of the affluent into the body. When in circumstances not in the middle of atiativity, the flow will be jammed around the knees, legs, and the lowest side of the leg.

This is a list of food HAZARDS when eaten together

When you mix food but it becomes risky ??
Did you know that not all types of food can be consumed together. When wrong in combining food, except for causing the absorption of nutrients in food properly sometimes sometimes even appear the possibility of the emergence of more serious risks, diarrhea, signs of poisoning, to the endanger your life!

A real example of "crab and persimmons". When both are consumed together, it can cause diarrhea. 

Main for you to recognize some types of food that can not be consumed together: 


6 This food contains 6000 worms in it

The food cooking pattern can ensure the quality of health and its presence when consumed for human body. Where each food must contain nutrients that are quite diverse, to fulfill each consumption required by the body. For most people, it may be so much like food consumption in the raw state. Because it is in taste they can get all the content that is in the food to nourish the body.

But everything from the type of food is not sure what it thinks. Even it can also be the opposite, where consumption of some type of food in the raw state, can also harm the body and make some organs are also natural problems are quite fatal.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Medication for Stomach Ulcers with Cinnamon Root

Herbal plants in such a popular country so many ingredients and kinds that are so useful and the main thing we know, one of the herbs that are consumed as medicine is liquorice.
This sweet root in its Latin meaning that is Glycyrrhiza glabra in cinat plant is known by the meaning of Gan cao, or licorice (philipina), this is only different meanings but the same benefits and benefits.

Five Deadly Diseases data are overcome by these leaves

The benefits of the vile leaves of shard as a natural remedy. Abominable shard is one of the bush plants that have a height of approximately 1 to 2 mtr. General signs of this plant that is having a broad stem with a rounded shape and has coarse hair.

Vile shard plants spread widely in some locations in Madagascar and Indonesia and can grow well at an altitude of about 50-1. 200 masl. Fertile soils such as in rural areas, such places are suitable for the breeding of these vile shard plants.

Abominable shard is one of the medicinal plants that has many health benefits, this plant is generally used as a traditional medicine that can handle various types of health problems such as kidney stones and smooth s3n! Water. Not only that this vile leaf can be identified can also treat various types of diseases including diabetes.

Very dangerous ! If ignored. This star can kill you Slowly

Do you ever understand if your body is overgrown with parasites?
As we know when parasites are harmful living organisms that generally live in one place only to find food to benefit them and to harm the living things they possess.

From some research if the human body is one of the most easily overgrown with parasites. Parasites that grow in the human body will give bad effects and cause some diseases in the body.
There are even some signals that characterize if your body is full of parasites. As written from Tribunnews. com, here is one of them:

Saturday, February 1, 2020

This Plant Juice Is Able To Complete Coronary Heart

Coronary heart disease is one of the most important causes of death in Indonesia. Previously, many heart diseases were affected by some elderly (aged 60 years and over). But getting here, at the age of 40 there has been someone who suffered heart disease.

This kind of thing is due to lifestyle and the environment is increasingly not good.

Some aspects of the chance of heart disease one of them entered the age of 45 years. for men as well as 55 th. for women, there is a narrative of heart disease in the family, diabetes, routine routine, high blood pressure (hypertension), obesity (obesity), bad lifestyle, stress and lack of physical activity / exercise.

In terms of the opportunities above, there are a number of opportunities that cannot be modified, namely aging, and there are family stories of natural heart and blood vessel problems.

Beyond that, some of the opportunities that can be modified with lifestyle changes include high blood pressure, diabetes or diabetes mellitus, routine routines, obesity or obesity, stress, bad lifestyle, and lack of exercise.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Diabetes, uric acid, kidney, heart and Lever disease can be cured with breadfruit leaves

The presence of traditional medicine to cure various diseases is increasingly sought after. The benefits of breadfruit leaves to treat kidney, diabetes and heart can be alternatives to cure health problems without any expensive costs.

The steps to process breadfruit leaves into natural ingredients are not the same depending on the type of problem a person has. Do not let the wrong process because it can have a bad risk for your health.

Unless the fruit can be consumed as a snack of chips, the breadfruit tree also stores a million benefits on its leaves. Generally, herbal medicines have basic ingredients that are processed by boiling the leaves and then drinking the water or drying the leaves to dry. Then immediately drunk or added some other herbal ingredients.

This is the best sleep position for your health

Sleep is one of the regular activities handled by each human being. With the basic intention of resting physically and mentally after a full day of doing various jobs that are draining one's energy and mind. It is inconceivable, if our sleep activities are disturbed or experience various health problems.

One of them, the ignorance of someone about a good sleeping position for health. Then, what is the best sleeping position for health ... ????
This is just an example, you can fill it later with your own note.