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Bougenville is a thorny plant that can grow at an altitude of 1-1400 meters above sea level. Apa… Read more Benefits and efficacy Bougenville for body health
Soursop can we say as a super plant, why? this is because there have been many studies conducted… Read more Benefits of soursop leaves for body health
The betel leaf itself contains anticephaltics and the content of phenols in the antiseftif is fi… Read more Benefits of betel leaf benefit for body health
Distance is an upright shrub that grows at an altitude between 0 - 800 m above sea level, 2 - 3 … Read more Benefits of Castor Leaves for Body Health
Kale is a vegetable that grows well in the tropics. In Indonesia, there are two types of kale th… Read more Benefits of Kale for bodily health
Tempuyung leaves have benefits as herbal remedies due to the content of its compounds. Some of t… Read more Benefits of Tempuyung Leaf Benefits for Body Health
Tread Liman (Elephantophus scraber L.) is known as an easy-to-grow plant. In some areas it is oft… Read more Benefit of leaf tread benefits Liman for body Health
Native Mexican plants of the South, Central America, and the Caribbean, it is easy to breed throu… Read more Benefits of Adam Eve's leaves for body health
The leaf, which has a Latin name Rhaphidophora pinnata (L. f) Schott, is an herb that belongs to … Read more Benefits of Dragon tail leaf efficacy benefit for body health
Jombang, overcoming inflammation or abscess of the breast, inflammation of the gallbladder, chron… Read more Benefits of leaf Jombang efficacy for body health
Basil is also widely known by the scientific name Ocimum Basilicum Var. Anisatum Benth. Basil lea… Read more Benefits of basil leaves for health and ejaculation
Mulberry is called Morusalba L or Morus Indica L. Included in the Moraceae family of plants. This… Read more Benefits of Mulberry leaves for body health
Mango leaves have many benefits as antimicrobial, antioxidant, mango leaves for diabetes, as well… Read more Benefits of Mango Leaf for Diabetes Health and medication
The Latin name of the plant known as the dollar Plant is Zamioculcas zamifolia. It originated … Read more Benefits of leaf dollar for body health
The most expensive ginseng and have good quality are wild ginseng derived from Manchuria. The pl… Read more Benefits of the efficacy of Ginseng leaves for body health
Amaranthus SPP Plant or the more we know by the name Spinach Vegetable is one of the plants that… Read more Benefits of spinach leaves for body health and drug Anemia
Ortthosiphon Aristatus belongs to the botanical family of Labiatae or Lamiaceae. This plant is… Read more Benefits of Orthosiphon Aristatus for body Health
Diabetes is a disease that must be wary of Indonesian people. International Diabetes Federation … Read more Benefits of Insulin leaf efficacy for Diabetes disease
Bone Fracture (Euphorbia tirucalli) is a type of herb that is usually used as an ornamental plant… Read more Benefits of bone fracture efficacy for body health
The site (Catharantus roseus) is often also named as a flower, the tread Doro, Chinese hibiscus, … Read more Benefits of leaf leaves for healthy body health