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Mount Rinjani, Enchanting Exquisite Natural Beauty on the Roof of Lombok

You are a nature lover and connoisseur of mountains? It is incomplete if you have not felt the sensation of climbing on a mountain that is known for its beautiful natural charm. With an altitude of 3,726 meters above sea level and located north of the island of Lombok, Mount Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia. Entering the Mount Rinjani National Park area and surrounded by forests and shrubs covering an area of ​​76,000 hectares is a beautiful sight for Mount Rinjani.

Access to Lombok Island, in addition to being able to be reached by land using a direct bus Jakarta - Mataram by crossing using the ferry twice (Bali Strait and Lombok Strait), can also be reached by plane.

Mount Rinjani has a crater about 10 km wide and there is a crater lake called Segara Anak Lake with a depth of about 230 m. With the color of the water turning blue like a sea child, the water that flows from this lake forms a very beautiful waterfall and flows through steep ravines. Many climbers who fish in this lake because there are many carp and tilapia.

There are 2 climbing routes to reach the summit of Rinjani, the Sembalun Line and the Senaru Line. Sembalun Track is a favorite route for climbers because even though the track is longer but it can save 700 m in height.

In Sembalun Path, climbers will go through a vast expanse of savanna that is very broad and beautiful. There are 3 rest posts on this route, and after the post 3 climbers will face steep slopes with a slope of about 60 degrees. While on the Senaru Path, climbers will pass through a fairly thick and steep tropical forest. Similar to Sembalun Line, this route also has 3 resting posts before it will reach the canyon post which is commonly used as a camping area.

The charm that is owned by Mount Rinjani is almost perfect so there is no doubt that Rinjani is an attraction that is able to attract the interest of foreign and domestic tourists to climb it. And climbing Mount Rinjani will surely be a memorable and memorable life experience.

Cidomo, Lombok Island's Special Transportation
In Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, there is a unique transportation capital commonly used by the community to support daily life. Cidomo name, this type of delman vehicle is also often used by tourists to touch various tourist locations in the province of West Nusa Tenggara.

Cidomo itself is an acronym for Cikar, Dokar, and Car. This transportation is in the form of a passenger train using two car tires and being pulled by a horse. Riding Cidomo while touring the tourist areas in the Lombok area would be a pleasant experience.

Tourists can find this unique vehicle in several places, such as in the Gili Meno area, one of them. In this area there are no motorized vehicles, and for visitors who want to go to the inn usually use Cidomo as a means of transportation.

If you visit Lombok, make time to try riding Cidomo, a typical delman from a country that has many beautiful dyke.

Gili Trawangan: The Island of Heaven in Lombok

Gili Trawangan: The Island of Heaven in Lombok
Gili Trawangan is the name of one of the islands in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. This island is included in one of the islands in the village of Gili Indah which has a super beautiful underwater sea nature. Traveling to Gili Trawangan, you can not only see the beauty of coral reefs and colorful fishes, but also natural phenomena. True, Gili Trawangan has a place to see the most beautiful sunset, namely the West Coast of Gili Trawangan.

This beach is always crowded with tourists who want to see the sun back to rest. With the background of Mount Agung, the sky which was originally clean blue, slowly turns reddish yellow.

Come to the West Coast around 17.00 Wita with friends. While listening to music and sitting casually by the beach, see how the Sun slowly returns to hiding. Like the heavenly light decorating the orange violet.

The sky which initially looked bright blue, slowly reddened. The sun also looks down slowly and disappears leaving darkness. Behind the white clouds, find the Sun and capture with your camera. Perfect!

Do not immediately move from your seat after the sun sets completely. Let the night breeze caress your hair gently and enjoy the presence of stars that adorn the sky of Gili Trawangan.


THEBOEGIS.COM - Red betel leaf has so many benefits for treating various diseases, here are 29 diseases that can be crushed by red betel: 

1. Treat cough 
The first benefit of red betel leaf is to treat cough. The trick is to provide 4 betel leaves, 3 sheets of bidas upas leaves and honey as needed. Betel leaves sliced, then boiled in unison leaves of bidara upas in 2 cups water to boil. After a cold, more modest honey, then the mixture is to make a gargle. Try to reach the esophagus.


THEBOEGIS.COM - Please pay careful attention, Instant Noodle Spices Cannot Cook. !!!
A Warning for All of Us If Instant Noodles Cannot Be Cooked Together with the Seasoning, Because MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) When Cooked Above 120C Will Have the Potential to Become Carcinogens, Triggers Cancer ..

Observe Everything Packed with Instant Noodles, Generally the Procedure Cook His Noodles Previously Newly Sown Spices .. Seasonings in Taro in the Bowl First .. So do not let the Noodles and Seasoning Cook,! Danger!!!

Don't rush to wash your blood, this is the natural way to wash your kidneys, easy and cheap!

THEBOEGIS.COM - Human kidneys which are used every day to filter toxins and various other impurities over time will shrink the benefits and can even be damaged naturally. Therefore it takes regular maintenance either using the way of modern medicine or maybe in the traditional way for example using the benefits of celery leaves for the kidneys.

One of the benefits of celery leaves is to cleanse our kidney organs, as we recognize that the kidneys work every day without stopping to filter out all the impurities, poisons, and some unused substances after which they are discarded when we urinate. Over time, salt accumulation takes place & requires maintenance & cleaning in a regular & periodic way, at least once a month.


THEBOEGIS.COM - Have you ever heard of the fact that chili can stop a heart attack in 60 seconds? Make sure you always keep it in your kitchen, because you never know when you need this valuable component.

An American herbalist, Dr. Christopher in dealing with heart attack patients, what he did was provide a cup of cayenne pepper (one teaspoon of cayenne pepper to a cup of water) for patients who are still conscious.


THEBOEGIS.COM - When it was still small until now, we were told to make the bed after waking up. Yes, this is a routine that has become a daily routine that cannot be abandoned.

However, actually this routine does not have to be done. The reason is, the results of research show making the bed after waking up, will make millions of dust mites trapped in your sheets, bed and pillow.


THEBOEGIS.COM - Chives are generally used as ingredients for various types of food, such as to improve the taste of dishes. This kind of thing gives a unique and delicious taste.

The leaves are one of the most popular and nutritious vegetables and are also commonly used for medicine. Except for the leek tiu popular with low calories and rich in vitamins.

These Foods Are Very Delicious, But These Foods Can Kill

These Foods Are Very Delicious, But These Foods Can Kill
THEBOEGIS.COM - Cancer is one of the diseases that has the most feared risk in the world, but it is difficult to recover from cancer and also has the potential to cause death. Cancer is a collection of diseases that involve some cells in the body that grow out of control. The following abnormal and unresolved cell changes that have the potential to attack and spread to all other sides of the body.

There are more than 200 types of cancer that are not the same. Cancer causes death every year. Millions of people are diagnosed with various types of cancer such as colon, mouth and so on.

Some of the signals and signs of cancer that you need to know for one of them is the appearance of a bulge in the body, abnormal bleeding, sudden changes in bowel movements, weight loss is not due to certain, often fever and infection, easy fatigue, shortness of breath, loss appetite and so on, if you experience the above signs, it's best to take them to the doctor. The sign signals above can also work because of other problems.

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What is Web Hosting? Understanding of Web Hosting and its Types

Surely you are currently wondering, what is web hosting? Web hosting is an online service for online websites or web applications on the internet. When you buy and register at a hosting service, you are basically borrowing space on the server, where you can store all the files and data needed by the website in order to work fully.

The server is a physical computer that is run without interruption so that your website can be accessed at any time by anyone. The web host's duty is to keep the server active and running, secure it from malicious cyber  attacks  , and move content (text, images, files) from the server to your site's browser.

Start Now Stop Using the Headset, !! If Your Brain Doesn't Want to Be Damaged

Hearing is the gift of the senses that God gets to us so that we can listen to the various tones that are on the face of the earth.
We should be grateful for such a thing because if one of the senses does not act well, the body will experience a decrease in strength.
One of the senses that plays a vital role for the human body is the ear.
Many young people have a routine of listening to their favorite music from a mobile device, PSP, MP3 or MP4 player with the latest mobile headset connector.

Indeed, if we use this headset, it tends to be more practical and better in terms of the sound produced.
There is no headset, the sound produced can be a little broken because it is not interrupted immediately in the ear with the speaker.
The use of a headset to listen to music in a way that is too excessive can cause damage to the ear.
Even worse, if something like that is always left behind, so the potential for brain damage can also be added.
Then what are the potential diseases that can be caused by using this headset or earphones?
Read the explanation below.

Reported by a woman recovering from ovarian cancer. The story was very touching

Some of the benefits of the deer horn nails apparently are very good for the health of the female reproductive organs, namely to fertilize the womb, as an external medicine for inflammation of the uterus, and irregular menstrual medicine. Now, here is another one to add the amazing benefits of the plant based on sharing personal experiences from Ms. Manik Indraprasti. He first suffered from ovarian cancer and successfully recovered thoroughly after trying herbal treatments using deer antlers nails (deer cymbal).


The problem of death is increasing now because of the many
some infectious diseases that make the number of patients increase. Disease can essentially attack the human body due to a lack of protection for bodily and environmental hygiene. Beyond that, unhealthy lifestyles, unhealthy eating patterns, and lack of physical activity can cause a variety of health problems, including heart disease, obesity, and cancer.

When the body's natural immune system declines, some viral diseases also easily attack the human body. Even now there are several diseases that can kill humans in just 24 hours. To deal with and avoid this disease, you need to know what type of disease it is. here are 5 diseases that can kill you only in
at 24 hours.


The kidneys excrete excessively, the kidney also helps protect water when the body needs more water. Kidney armpits have a problem for sure the kidneys will not be able to move the benefits properly. Foods have a major influence on kidney health such as stay away from preserved foods, processed foods such as sausages and other foods. The recommended foods are cabbage, cauliflower, garlic, apples and so on.


So healthy does not always have to have business with the doctor. Kitchen ingredients like salt can bring your body's condition to optimal health without having to consume drugs. This kind of thing can be proven in a scientific way.

As written feelhealthylife. com, one cup of warm water combined with salt can detoxify and restore each human body cell. Keep in mind, the dose of salt cannot be too excessive. An adequate saltiness can bring your body into shape.

Stop Pulling armpit hair can cause breast cancer

Stop Pulling armpit hair can cause breast cancer
Feather in the armpit room is sometimes a problem for each woman, with stubborn hair that will reduce the level of confidence in women to look attractive. It would be difficult to dress having to pick and choose clothes that have long sleeves causing appearance to be not optimal because of the problem.

This Is the Result If You Cannot Remove from the Cell Phone

This Is the Result If You Cannot Remove from the Cell Phone
This 25-year-old woman feels a small bulge near her ear when she cleans her face, and is hard.

Because of his indifference, 2 months ago the lump was getting bigger and bigger and in the end he went to the hospital to do the control. The doctor sentenced him to suffer from salivary gland cancer.

"I call ria at 9 o'clock to the top of the night, because the phone at night of course there are discounts. Phone with a boyfriend for more than 2 hours until my cellphone is hot, the next morning contact several clients. Everything I do with hp. For the past 5 years I have changed 7 cellphones. "

Some people who use cell phones for long periods of time, those who have a high likelihood of suffering from salivary gland cancer. Here are the results of researchers from each country, hopefully we can awaken us all.

1. Storing Cellphone Under the Pillow, Disrupting the Brain Nervous System
Radiation on cellphones is risky for the brain and attacks the benefits of our brain's nervous system, making us headaches, dizziness, insomnia, many have dreams, fall out, and others.
2. Storing Cellphone In Front Of The Chest, Causing Heart Disease And Endrokin's Subscription
Electromagnetic radiation from our cell phones affects our cell metabolism, causes problems with potassium, calcium, natirum, and ions in our bodies, and interferes with menstruation in women.

3. Putting a cellphone in a pants pocket, influencing the reproductive system, even changing DNA
If the cell phone is often hung or brought near the waist and hips, radiation will attack sperm cells or eggs when we receive a sign that is very likely to affect the reproductive system of the cellphone user. DNA in sperm cells and human eggs may just be switched if attacked by radiation for a long period of time.

4. Research in Germany has found success, eye cancer caused by the use of mobile phones so that it adds an amount of 3 times from the beginning.
People who use cellphones in reading and searching, are vulnerable to eye diseases.

There are ways without a scientific basis and certainly not efficient:

Inefficient Ways 1: Paste Your Cellphone With Anti-Magnetic Stickers
Cell phone radiation came from the antenna, while an anti-magnetic sticker was attached to the microphone, is this efficient?

Inefficient Way 2: Take Care With Plastic Cashing
Radiation on cellphones is not affected by plastic or metal cashing, although in plastic cashing there is one metal structure.

These Are Some Other Efficient Ways:
Step 1: Keep Away from the Head When Receiving Phone The signal when the telephone comes in is the time - the time we hp emit the strongest radiation. To protect ourselves when receiving a telephone, it is better if we avoid our heads when the telephone comes in.

Method 2: Brief Solid And Bright. Reduce when using cellphones for phone calls, as well as when using cellphones / day. Limit your calls to 1-2 hours / day.

Method 3: Avoid phone calls. Call and receive telephone calls with cellphones, of course the radiation received is also different. Radiation when we call is far greater than when we received a telephone.

Method 4: Use Left and Right Ears By Exchange

Step 5: Reduce Calling in Weak Signal Areas When the signal on our cellphone is weak, explaining if our cellphone is far from the signal source, therefore our cellphones will radiate even greater radiation to get the signal.

Method 6: Try to Use the Headset When Receiving a Phone It is reserved for people who frequently call for a long period of time to use a headset. We can reduce radiation emission to our brain if our cellphones are separated by 30 cm / more.

Method 7: Do not call when the battery is weak

Method 8: Don't Call When Charging

Step 9: Don't Put Your Cellphone Under the Pillow While Sleeping

Starting now, use your cellphone the right way
Come on! Please share this article with all your colleagues 

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Do not Toxins in the Body Get Worse, Use Effective Tricks to Eliminate Nicotine from the Body

THEBOEGIS.COM – Active smokers tend to have problems with the lungs. A smoker's lungs will be full of toxins produced by nicotite and TAR tobacco cigarettes.

It must be so risky if the toxin accumulates in the lungs, the smoking routine can not be stopped for a while.

In fact there are efficient natural ingredients that help cleanse the lungs of cigarette poison if consumed regularly and correctly.

Taken from Healthycures. org, Tuesday (02/16/2016) to make a lung cleansing herb it takes several ingredients in the form of garlic, turmeric, ginger, and honey.

Simply Use 1/2 Turmeric Tea Spoon You Will Be Free From Cancer

THEBOEGIS.COM – Cancer is a fatal disease, which can get rid of thousands of lives. Generally, healing to help deal with cancer is by doing chemotherapy.

Cancer is a type of disease that no one also wants to feel. Because, the pain caused is so terrible. Apparently, chemotherapy is the only efficient way to deal with cancer, but it is so risky.

In fact, with the exception of chemotherapy, you can also use the natural treatments below that are proven to be efficient. If you combine the three natural ingredients below, it can help you avoid the growth of cancer.

Just 1 spoon of this herb can cleanse liver , eliminate toxins from the body

THEBOEGIS.COM – The liver is a special organ, even when the natural liver is damaged more than 50 percent, the liver can still be restored. The mechanism of recovery of the liver (liver) is still not completely clear.

But of course, its ability is the key to protecting our health. The liver is the most important metabolic organ in our body. Therefore, we must guard it so that it can still act well.

Only with 3 minutes, this trick will eliminate the total headache

THEBOEGIS.COM – Have you ever felt a headache? Yups, most headaches that are not serious and can be treated easily, such as by taking pain medication, drinking enough water, and getting more rest.

But is this the only way? Need to know there are many types of headaches that require more treatment due to prolonged or even some that can endanger lives.

Headaches have no specific time periods, can run for less than an hour or even throughout the day and can be seen through sudden or slow steps.

Basil leave can treat diabetes which is very severe will be totally cured

THEBOEGIS.COM – Treating diabetes, at first you might feel less confident and not sure if you can treat diabetes with diabetes herbal medicine. However, how can you know and feel the benefits if you just try not willing? Therefore, open your positive thoughts, the reality is that chemical drugs that are thought to treat diabetes are almost 100% made with the addition of natural ingredients from medicinal plants.


The team of doctors at the Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge, England, found some of the problems where tapeworms had successfully entered a man's brain. This parasite is known as Spirometra Erinaceieuropaei.

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Do not consume too much of this food, if you do not want to be affected by kidney stones

Do not consume too much of this food, if you do not want to be affected by kidney stones
THEBOEGIS.COM – Many do not know if the most important cause of kidney stone disease is eating. Hem, about whatever type of food that needs to be shunned so as not to be attacked by kidney stones? To be more detailed, it is better to see Limit 7 Foods That Cause Kidney Stone Disease below:

Pieces of 2-3 Lemon Slices Soaked in Hot Water Turns 10. 000X Stronger Than Chemotherapy

Pieces of 2-3 Lemon Slices Soaked in Hot Water Turns 10. 000X Stronger Than Chemotherapy
Cut 2-3 slices and then put into a glass, add hot water, lemon water will be a little "muddy", drinking every day can make our bodies healthy.

Hot lemon water can release anti-cancer substances in our body, this kind of thing is the latest cancer cure in the world of medicine. Lemon water ice only contains vitamin C, as well as tomatoes, rather than immediately eat, better cooked well in advance,  ka rena raw tomatoes do not contain lycopene.

Lemon is a miraculous fruit that can kill cancer cells, 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy, but does not produce side effects like chemotherapy. When blood pressure is too high, lemons can regulate blood pressure, antidepressants and neurological disorders, 10,000 times better than drugs, lemons can slow the progression of cancer cells. Extracted with lemon therapy, will only destroy malignant cells, but does not affect healthy cells.

Lemon juice, citric acid and lemon polyphenols, can effectively prevent venous thromboembolism, adjust blood flow, reduce blood clotting. I now know that lemons are very good fruit, let's share them with friends and family so they know too!

Here's How To Mix Coffee To Produce 10 Health Benefits

Here's How To Mix Coffee To Produce 10 Health Benefits
Prevents Kidney Stones 
Researchers at Harvard found that women who consumed four cups of coffee a day had a 25 percent lower chance of kidney stones. Research that has been done first also shows the same results.

Avoiding Depression 
Based on research published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in 2011 shows that women who drink two to three cups of coffee every day are 15 percent less likely to develop depression. Briefly women who drink four cups of coffee daily have a 20 percent lower chance of depression.

Sharpen the Memory 
Coffee can help improve long and short periods of memory. In a 2005 study conducted by the Radiological Society of North America, researchers found that consuming two caffeinated coffees could improve memory and speed of reaction.

Interestingly, research in 2007 found that women aged 65 years and over who drank about three cups of coffee a day had better memories and did not show a decrease in memory compared to women who only drank one cup of coffee daily. Unfortunately this does not apply to men.

Watch out !! Healthy Eating Can Kill You When Taken Together

THEBOEGIS.COM – Close friends ... the food we consume is resources for the body. Every day every human being needs food consumption. And we are encouraged to always consume healthy and nutritious food so that all organs in our body can function properly. nutritious food will provide benefits that are good for the state of health.

But, do you know that there are many restrictions on mixing or combining some foods that actually have good nutrition for the body? some health experts give abstinence and do not recommend that food be combined because it is very risky for bodily health and can even be the cause of death. Any food that cannot be consumed concurrently or consumed, the information is:

Recognize The Characteristics Of Donuts Containing Borax And Candles

THEBOEGIS.COM – Who doesn't like to eat donuts, that one snack is very popular because it tastes sweet, and can be eaten while enjoying it as a buffer for hunger ... especially accompanied by a cup of sweet tea, just imagine I'm already tempted to taste.

Did you know, there are many naughty merchants making donuts using borax, and candles? They have been operating the business for several years. Creepy right? Some naughty traders said that by using borax and donut candles that they make will look better from the composition and war and the customer also no complaints.

The texture is more chewy, if fried donuts don't quickly empty, the color of the donuts is tempting which is light brown to make consumers will like the look of donuts like this. Generally, the naughty traders said that to obtain borax is not difficult, the proof is that they can buy borax in a cake shop, and it is very easy to find the nearest shops.

The cooking system employed by the naughty merchants previously fried donuts, first heating the oil after the oil was hot, they put some of the wax into the hot oil, until all of the wax melted and only the thread remained.

Myriad Benefits of Basil Leaves You Must Know

Myriad Benefits of Basil Leaves You Must Know
THEBOEGIS.COM – Basil leaves are one of the plants that we know as  small plants whose leaves are commonly consumed as a salad. The aroma strong and tasty makes this leaf one of the spices of pepes.  In Thailand, this leaf is also known as mangklak and is often found  on the local cuisine menu. In fact, unless consumed as fresh vegetables, these leaves can store many benefits for health and beauty you know!

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Beware, Do Not Eat Radish Together With "This"

THEBOEGIS.COM – The nutrient content of carrots is very high. It also helps
thin out phlegm, stop coughing. If there are signs of coughing
or flatulence, consumption of fresh radishes is helpful
reduce the signs.

Some people cook turnips with goat meat, chestnut
 (chestnuts), freshwater fish, or any other combination. Its usefulness is even
more than any other dietary supplement or medication. But it's necessary

note, there are specific combinations that are actually dangerous


THEBOEGIS.COM – Sleep plays a major role in well-being and good health during life. Getting enough sleep when fit can help you to protect your physical health, mental health, safety and quality of life. Sleep time bodies work to support the healthy benefits of the brain and protect physical health.

In adolescents and children, sleep supports change and development. Lack of sleep that is running can grow the risk for critical health problems. Beyond that, it can affect the way we think, work, react, learn and mingle with others. More than 50 million Americans have poor sleep or sleep problems, according to The Institute of Medicine in the United States.

If you have problems with sleeping, try this awesome Banana-Kayumanis drink, 1 hour before you slept.

This Trick Is Proven To Relieve Stiffness, Reduce Body Weight And Can Get Rid Of Stress By Pressing This Body Part

THEBOEGIS.COM – Squeezing is the side of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) that uses fingers at specific power points to get rid of stress, pain, to body weight. This method might be an alternative for health without having to go to the doctor. You can do it anywhere and at any time.

As taken healthy foodoodam. com This technique has been used for more than 5,000 years by Asian people for non-conventional medical care. At least there are various types of pressure that you can apply, including shiatsu massage and muscle squeezing.

And the most common is to squeeze the side of the face and head because that side has several sensitive areas with the presence of many nerve endings that can soothe the body while removing stress.


Some people think that home-based food is healthier than food you need to buy at restaurants or outside the home. Because of home-cooked food, cleanliness is definitely awakened and cooked in the right way.

But make no mistake, except for aspects of cleanliness and cooking methods, the determination of food ingredients must also be considered. This is because, there are many foods that you might consider healthy, in fact poisonous and even deadly.

Like the following five foods. These foods are very close to everyday life, maybe even it might always be in your kitchen. But, who knows, these foods can actually bring disaster if you consume. Any food?

As a result of Expelling Mucus Too Strong, This Woman Almost Has Blindness

THEBOEGIS.COM – It is very terrible faced by a 32-year-old woman. He almost blindness because he blew his nose by blowing his nose is very strong.

An unnamed woman claimed to have been swallowing a very strong odor that caused her eyes to drain. But that happened 4 hours earlier when he was in the hospital, his eyes were swollen with the size of a golf ball, and his eyes were too hard for him to open.

The doctor who handled it said that the injury to the eye can cause blindness due to pressure swelling and damage to the optic nerve.

The test results state that he experienced the condition referred to as "orbital emphysema", swelling caused by air that has accumulated in the soft tissues around the eyes.

The scan also showed that this woman had a fractured bone in her nose. However, he does not clearly remember what caused his nose to break.

With this situation, the doctor was surprised, because usually the orbital emphysema generally takes place in patients who have blows to the face, as written irishmirror.

The test results state that he experienced the condition referred to as "orbital emphysema", swelling caused by air that has accumulated in the soft tissues around the eyes.

The scan also showed that this woman had a fractured bone in her nose. However, he does not clearly remember what caused his nose to break.

With this situation, the doctor was shocked, because usually the orbital emphysema generally takes place in patients who have blows to the face, as written irishmirror.

 "Yes, orbital emphysema is always associated with trauma. So spontaneous nasal fractures faced by this woman have never existed first," said the doctor documented in the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

The woman was treated with antibiotics to relieve swelling which in some cases could last up to two weeks.

This type of condition is most commonly seen in people who already have a head or face injury, though this is not the case.

This can happen when people do the Valsalva maneuver to close their mouth and nose and breathe out to clear the obstructed airway - although this rarely happens.


THEBOEGIS.COM – Japan has a method of treatment with finger media that can only take five minutes from when you are. In fact, it is based on the idea that each finger is connected to two organs.

This is an ancient Japanese healing method known as Jhin Shit Jitsu which is useful for protecting your emotional balance. This is because r4n * s4ng4n takes place from specific points on the hand.

That method is the side of Japanese alternative medicine based on the fingers, especially on the main and important points of the fingers that can balance the power in our body, which is most important for regulating your emotional and physical health. Next, how does it work?

This method helps us to act on behalf of some organs by holding our fingers tightly in the other hand for 3-5 minutes. Take a deep breath while you do this, then massage each finger on both of your hands. The average time needed to massage each finger is approximately 3 minutes.

Slice the Onion Ear Before You Sleep, The Next Day You Will Get the Miracle

Slice the Onion Ear Before You Sleep, The Next Day You Will Get the Miracle
THEBOEGIS.COM – Onions are vegetables that can make us cry and taste our food. But did you know that not only the two elements, onions still have other benefits such as media for wiping the grill, and as a supporter of our health when placed in our ears & socks. Why do you get it?

Of course! Onions have compounds that prevent flu, fever, and other signs.

Does your ear often hurt? Why not try this one step: Look for an onion that is already composed - to & look for the smallest piece, rest in unison to put the onion in the outer ear and watch at the end after you wake up.

Onions are efficient for making it easier to relieve ear cavity while also reducing pain. besides, onions and helps us soften our ear bones & make it easy for us to clean the dirt in the inner ear.

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Purez Responsive Blogger Theme: Purez v1.1 Blogger Template has fully responsive layout that support almost all devices and automatically adopts any screen resolution within seconds. It is Highly User Friendly web-design that is easy to use by everyone including newbies and non experienced users. Its design is simple, attractive and clean that is perfect to use for any topic such as for magazine, Personal sites or portfolio websites. It comes with an attractive multiple color combination that surely impress professional developer and webmasters having many awesome features.

NanoMag v1.0 – Responsive Blog & Magazine Blogger Template

Download Free NanoMag Responsive Blogger Template 1.0 – ThemeForest | NanoMag v1.0 – Responsive Blog & Magazine Blogger Template is a newly designed Professional Blogger Template that comes with great stunning features such as Most Powerful Admin Panel New | Latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Fully Responsive Design | Blog Post Formats New | Multi Level Dropdown Menu | RTL & Translation Ready | Well Documented with Videos | 3 Different Mega Menu And more…

Setiva v1.6 – Responsive Magazine Blogger Template

Download Free Setiva Responsive Blogger Template 1.6 – ThemeForest | Setiva v1.6 – Responsive Magazine Blogger Template is also known as Setiva Blogger Template is a another greatly beautiful and extremely modern blogger template. Its fully clean and completely fresh flat color purely based on an ultra responsive blogger design and high user friendly blogger template. Setiva Blogspot Template (Theme) is 100% perfect for news, magazine and personal websites.

MagOne v6.2.6 – Responsive News & Magazine Blogger Template

Download Free MagOne Blogger Magazine Template 6.2.6 – ThemeForest | MagOne v6.2.6 – Responsive News & Magazine Blogger Template (Last Updated on 20th April 2017) is more flexible and fully responsive mag style blogspot theme for Blogspot websites. It has Drag and drop widget builder to build a mag styled website in just a minute. It is trending theme having complete premium blogspot features like drop down menus, professional design, ajax search bar and much more… It has been build using latest advanced SEO optimized Techniques such as fast loading speed, fully responsive design for mobile devices and all other digital electronic devices. This is advanced premium web design that is perfectly suits your all type of topics and niches etc.

Magpress v3.1 – Magazine Responsive Blogger Template

Magpress v3.1 – Magazine Responsive Blogger Template
Download Free Magpress Responsive Blogger Template 3.1 – Blogspot Themes | ThemeForest | Magpress v3.1 – Magazine Responsive Blogger Template is a fully modern, extremely clean, ultra responsive and completely flat Blogger template that is 100% best suitable for news, magazine, blog and multipurpose blog.

Brakt v5.0 – Responsive Personal Blogger Template

Brakt Blogger Template 3.0.0
Download Free Brakt Blogger Template 5.0 – ThemeForest | Brakt v5.0 – Responsive Personal Blogger Template is a fully Clean, extremely Elegant and great Personal Blogger Template that was specially made for creative bloggers. It beautifully provides clean, clutter free and fully gorgeous minimalistic layouts that make your valuable content look great on any kind of digital device. It is an ideal for personal and other lifestyle blogs.

Axact Responsive Blogger Theme 3.1

Download Free Axact Responsive Blogger Theme v.2.1
Download Free Axact Responsive Blogger Theme 3.1 – Themeforest | Axact v3.1 – Responsive Magazine Blogger Theme (Updated on 5th July 2017) is an elegant, ultra modern, clean, fully responsive and awesome flat Blogger template that is perfectly suitable for news, magazine, sports, tech, games and other type of multipurpose blog. Axact Blogspot Template is proudly designed with flexible approach which lets you to easily change the entire color, font size and other easiest customization that you can made through professional blogger template designer.
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  • Ultra Responsive Design For All mobile and tablet devices
  • Post pagination
  • Image gallery
  • Code boxes
  • PowerFull Admin Panel
  • Custom contact form Widget
  • 5+ Homepages
  • Support
  • Tabs and accordion
  • Detailed Docs
  • Button styles
  • Custom search box with ajax result
  • Retina ReadyDrag and Drop widget Support
  • Popup contact form
  • Multiple layout styles for widgets
  • 10+ Home Layout Boxs Style with shortcodes
  • Fully customizable Design
  • Alert Boxes
  • Unlimited Colors & Fonts
  • Blogger Template designer supported
  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
  • 3 Column Footer Area
  • Footer about us and email widget
  • Attractive related post design
  • Support Facebook Open Graph & Twitter Cards
  • Adsense Ready
  • jQuery and CSS3 Effects
  • Multi Level Dropdown Menu
  • Posts navigation with next and previous post
  • SS3 Effects
  • Social Counter
  • Fast Loading in all web browsers
  • Awesome footer style with multiple widget designs
  • Unlimited customization options
  • The awesome mega menu designed with CSS3 and HTML.
  • Font Awesome Icons Integration
  • Minimized HTML, CSS and Jquery
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • High quality image thumbnails
  • Blogger threaded Comments system with cool design
  • Custom email widget design
  • Shortcodes ready for buttons and other UI elements
  • and more..

Sevida Responsive Magazine Blogger Template

Free Download Sevida Blogger Template – ThemeForest | Sevida v2.5 – Responsive Magazine Blogger Template is a best well famous Premium Mag style blogspot theme having light weight features. It designed by MKRdezign with fully SEO Optimized techniques by proper coding, therefore it loads faster than others in any type of web-browser. It is create with two colors of combination white and blue. It is adsense ready blogspot theme having bigger ad spots with user friendly layout style.

BMAG v2.1.1 Responsive Blogger Template

Download BMAG 2.1.1 Magazine Responsive Blogger Template is a Premium News Magazine Blogspot Theme having trending features. It is Clean and compatible with many electronic devices such as Latest and Old Android Phones, Apple Devices, iPod, iPad, Laptop and Desktop Computers etc. It is Fully SEO Optimized, Fully Adsense Ready having Bigger Ad Spots on Header, Widget Ready, Sahifa WordPress Theme Like Drop-Down Menus, Home Menus on Top bar, Premium Social Media Gadget on Sidebar, Professional Bigger Custom Search Bar, Stylish Labels, Awesome Short-codes and much more other stunning qualities have been included in this pack. It is perfect for all type of niche like you can use it on Games and Software Topic, News, IT (Information Technology), Mobile and Computer Tips, Blogging Tricks, Fashion and Style etc.
BMAG Blogger Template v2.1.1 comes with Unlimited Colors and Fonts, Power-full Admin Panel as same as WordPress, Cool news Ticker with Two options, 404 Error Page, Create Contact Page using Shortcodes, LTR and RTL Switcher with one click etc.
BMAG Responsive Blogger Template includes Three Threaded Comment System (Blogger, Disqus and Facebook) with Short-codes, Facebook Like Box Short-code, Custom Pagination posts with numbered. In other words it is Fully Search Engine Optimized with many Premium Features which no other webdesign never has.