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Diabetes, uric acid, kidney, heart and Lever disease can be cured with breadfruit leaves

The presence of traditional medicine to cure various diseases is increasingly sought after. The benefits of breadfruit leaves to treat kidney, diabetes and heart can be alternatives to cure health problems without any expensive costs.

The steps to process breadfruit leaves into natural ingredients are not the same depending on the type of problem a person has. Do not let the wrong process because it can have a bad risk for your health.

Unless the fruit can be consumed as a snack of chips, the breadfruit tree also stores a million benefits on its leaves. Generally, herbal medicines have basic ingredients that are processed by boiling the leaves and then drinking the water or drying the leaves to dry. Then immediately drunk or added some other herbal ingredients.

This is the best sleep position for your health

Sleep is one of the regular activities handled by each human being. With the basic intention of resting physically and mentally after a full day of doing various jobs that are draining one's energy and mind. It is inconceivable, if our sleep activities are disturbed or experience various health problems.

One of them, the ignorance of someone about a good sleeping position for health. Then, what is the best sleeping position for health ... ????

Tips to safeguard your lungs and heart

The lungs and heart are 2 of several vital organs in the body. The lungs act as breathing apparatus as well as supplying the oxygen content that the body needs to change system. The middle of the heart performs its action as a pumping of blood from and to all body, with its wrong blood benefits is to distribute the oxygen content to all body.

As a vital organ, it is so foremost for anyone to always protect the health of the lungs and heart. There are many tips for making lung and heart health protection, ranging from natural to modern ways. For you who want all the natural, you can try the tips to protect the health of the lungs and heart in the natural way below.

7 Tips on how to keep your kidneys healthy

There is a saying that says "Health is not everything, but all without health is nothing." That saying is indeed true. When health is disturbed, so busyness is also disturbed.

Kidney is one of the main organs in the body. We should protect the health of the kidneys properly so that the benefits of the kidneys remain excellent.

The kidneys play a role as excretion, ie metabolic waste, protects body fluid and electrolyte balance and makes hormones for blood pressure and red blood cell formation. Therefore maintaining kidney health is so v1t4l that cannot be underestimated.

Even the Indonesian government through the Ministry of Health, has tried to raise awareness about the main kidney organs and reduce the incidence of kidney disease.

What is the adult number of Normal heart rate

The heart is the v1t4l organ and is the ultimate defense for life except the brain. The pulse in the heart cannot be controlled by humans. What is the average normal heart rate?

A normal heart rate is indeed around 60-100 times per minute. Although there are exceptions such as in fitter athletes, the heart rate can be below 60 times per minute. Heart rate, which is also commonly referred to as pulse, because it is counted by pinching the veins on the wrist or can also be on the neck, done at rest, hence also means heart rate at rest.

When you move this pulse can increase, this is because when you do activities, the body requires more blood supply, and therefore the heart will pump more blood too. Heart rate, heart rate show the effectiveness of the heart's work.

In addition to the level of activity, health, temperature, air temperature, body position, emotions, body weight, medicines can affect the speed of our heart rate. For example, if you grow furious your heart will beat faster, within specific limits it's normal.

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Here's How to Install the CSS Minifier Tool on Blogger Static Pages

CSS Minify / Minifer is a tool or tool that has a function to clean up CSS code sets or Cascading Style Sheets. In addition, this tool can also compress CSS scripts to be smaller and lighter when used.

Better, this tool is used by Bloggers to load their blogs lighter.

Speaking of CSS Minify Tools, on this occasion the author will give a brief tutorial on How to Easily Create Responsive Minifer CSS Pages on Blogger. If you are interested in being invited, you can see in the following tutorial.

Here's How to Create a Responsive Color Picker Page on Blogger

Color Picker in English which means 'color picker'. As the name implies, Color Picker is a tool or tool that has a function to choose colors and will be displayed in detail. Like the color of HEX and RGB. This tool is usually often encountered in some photo editing software and applications.

In addition, this tool is also often used by graphic designers and blog template designers who are nothing but choosing unique and beautiful colors.

Talking about the Color Picker Tool, in this article the author will give a short tutorial on How to Create a Responsive Color Picker Page on Blogger. If you are interested in making it, you can look at the following tutorial.

23 Benefits of Binahong Plants and Effective Recipes

Binahong came from Korean. The Chinese have long used the binahong plant as an herb.

When to enter Indonesia, it's not yet clear. But now many people are starting to plant this binahong as an ornamental plant or as a medicinal plant.

The contents of benefits that exist in binahong:

  • Anti-oxidant.
  • Asam Arkobat.
  • The whole phenol.
  • High protein.
  • etc.

The Latin name of the binahong plant is Anredera Cordifolia. This plant is easy to grow in the lowlands and highlands. Grows well in the half shade or shade condition. So no need to press the excessive sunlight.

Considering the growth of binahong plants, we certainly have to prepare the propagation. The propagation facilities can be varied from straight up to made in ropes.
At this time many began to plant, besides as a medicinal plant, also ornamental plants leaves. Can be planted in pots, yard or garden.

Keep a Slice of Shallot in the Corner of Your Room, You Will Be Cold What Will Happen?

Until now, many people know about onions only for cooking spices. Although in fact, except for onion cooking spices many health benefits for both preventing and healing diseases.

This is not a new idea, onions have been used by some people in Europe to fight the plague around the early 1900s. Ayurvedic medicine has used onion poultices for the chest or legs to treat coughs, fevers and colds for centuries. They also use onion poultices to reduce pain and inflammation in the joints. Homeopaths also use the healing power of onions to treat viruses and diseases.

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Here are some decent crops in your home

Having trouble sleeping? Some people in the world have problems with sleeping every day, but they will like to hear that there are plants that can help them with that. These 10 plants are not just detoxifying the air in your bedroom, but they can even help you sleep better at night. Some people like to have plants in their homes and bedrooms. It brings natural beauty inside and acts as a natural air cleaner by taking carbon dioxide and giving back fresh oxygen. That's all in their natural life cycle.

But the real question remains: Is it good to have plants in your bedroom? The good thing about having plants in your bedroom is that during photosynthesis, plants take carbon dioxide (CO2) and release oxygen. We all know that plants need light for photosynthesis, until the night time the process is reversed. Plants take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide.

Beware! Avoid the following during menstruation as it may cause uterine Cancer growth

Sharing for some women (if the guy who received help in forward to the woman? around you)  "

  • Do not drink ice water, soda water, and menstrual coconut 
  • Do not wash the pores because the head of the middle is open during menstruation because it can 
Cause headaches (suffered by the head wind) thus have a risk of this effect can be felt when young n old when

Never eat a cucumber middle time h4id because the sap that is on a cucumber can result in menstruation remaining in the uterus...

  • In addition, the middle of the period is not able to knock, fall and 
  • Hit by hard objects in terms of the stomach because it can cause vomiting blood, the uterus can be injured 
  • Research show, drinking ice time h4id can result in blood h4id left in the uterine wall, after 5-10 yrs can result in CYSTS & UTERINE CANCER. 

Please this information is spread to some women either wife, our daughter, or women relationships, this. Show when we care about them... Dear Your Love. Beautiful Sharing...

Never break it down... 1 x The only post may be that you have saved 1 woman. Hopefully useful for some women.

Press this point for 2 minutes, see and feel what happens to your body

There are times when you are faced with tachycardia, anxious fears, a sense of light you consider and start thinking about in any moment you will faint or get a heart attack.

In general the problem, this feeling is quite risky but sometimes it can signal heart problems triggered by anxiety and generally occurs in some people who are nervous and so often attacked by stress.

Fortunately, this problem can be successfully controlled due to acupressure therapy. 

The most efficacious and potent remedy, for those of you who have this hepatitis disease is a cure

Hepatitis C is a type of inflammatory liver disease caused by hepatitis C virus (HCV).

Hepatitis C often has no sign, but critical infections can cause damage to the liver tissues, and after a few years, can also result in cirrhosis. In some cases in patients with cirrhosis, this disease results in additional complications such as liver or even liver cancer, esophageal varicose and stomach, which can lead to death from bleeding.

Proven powerful way to clean the lungs in just 3 days

The lungs are one of the main organs in the body that serves as breathing apparatus. The lungs are under the ribs that have such heavy work, if the inhalation is the dirty eve containing pollutants so the lungs will be dirty.

How to clean the lungs only in 3 days

Dirty Lung is one of the causes of the emergence of various types of diseases, one of which is lung cancer. Nowadays, the most likely cause of lung cancer is cigarette. An opiate-shaped Cigarette, when one has been addicted to cigarettes so smoking activities will be a regular necessity. Except for cigarettes, there are many other causes that can make your lungs dirty, including air pollution resulting from vehicle engine.

When there is an item like this there in your home immediately keep it from your body

Everyday, a place to stay must be a place of rest awaited after a day of work. But, have you practiced good hygiene at home? Do not ever place to live instead become a den of germs that can interfere with health!

Did you know that some 'ordinary' items found at home actually have large amounts of germs?

Written Clickdokter. com The results of research carried out by Donofrio RS et al. 2012 from the University of Calcutta published in the Journal of Environmental Health below can help us increase awareness of primarily hygiene, even in everyday households.

Based on routine, we often focus more on cleanliness in one place, while underestimating cleanliness in another place.

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Kersen fruit able to prevent deadly disease

Many have explained the kinds of ways of treating diseases in a natural way by regularly consuming specific fruits.

Tumor is a disease that is often mistaken for people as a deadly disease, especially those referred to as malignant tumors. Need to know tumors are divided into two groups, namely benign and malignant tumors.

Well, among the various fruits there is a fruit called cherry or another name talok fruit (or Muntingia calabura L). Fruit that is not commonly sold in markets, especially in supermarkets, but the fruit whose trees grow on the streets or in public places can in fact treat malignant tumors.

How come? To find out in a complete way we know first whether it is a malignant tumor. Then we enter the explanation of cherry fruit.

الأربعاء، 8 يناير 2020

This Is What Happens If You Eat Garlic And Honey For 7 Days

Garlic is one of the most frequently used ingredients in cooking in all the world. Garlic gives a good taste and is so healthy for food and can treat many diseases.
Taking it raw in an immediate way can be a wonderful drug as well as a strong antibiotic.

Garlic can reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol, avoid coronary heart disease and heart attacks. Beyond that, it can stop the effects of atherosclerosis.

If you suffer from everyday health problems such as fever, diarrhea, cold, flu, insect bites and fungal infections, the bulb of garlic can help you with that.
Beyond that, garlic can help you treat signs of osteoarthritis, diabetes, and prostate enlargement. Garlic can increase immunity and body strength to remove toxins. When combined with onions and ginger, it can help detoxify more efficiently than chemotherapy.

1 Spoon This Herbal Potion Can Cure Chronic Liver Disease

Liver (liver) is an organ that is really special, even when the natural liver is damaged more than 50 percent, the liver can still be restored. The mechanism of recovery of the liver (liver) is still not completely clear.

However certain, its ability is the key to protecting our health. The liver is the most important metabolic organ in our body. Therefore, we must guard it so that it can still act well.

The best way to make protection and improve liver health is to clean it everyday, because a healthy heart can give us vitality, power, appearance, and even a good heart condition.

The liver in our body acts as a blood factory and participates in blood recovery. The liver also helps in strengthening stimulation in the blood. Another benefit that is not less important is to cleanse the blood and get rid of toxins. Toxins in the liver, usually shaped green stone.

Women Need to Know! This is a traditional medicine that can eradicate cysts without surgery

Do you already know the meaning of cysts, and how to treat them?
Cystitis is also a deadly disease and is one of the most common diseases that affects women.

Because, the disease attacks the female reproductive organs, which are cystic and contain thick liquids, then this fluid can switch like pus, air or some other material.

This disease is indeed common, most commonly found in women who approach menopause and postmenopausal.

Ovarian Cyst 
However scary, you, especially women do not need to worry. Because every disease has a cure. 

Eating Chinese Petai Can Cure Deadly Diseases

Are you familiar with Chinese banana plants? Yups, Chinese petai (Leucaena leucocephala) is a plant that has a hard tree trunk and has a size not large.
Wikipedia is taken from Chinese Petai or can be referred to as lamtoro is a plant that comes from Mexico and Central America. This plant is so easy to grow until now it has spread to various sides of the world.

Chinese cacao by some farmers in rural areas is often planted as a hedge, green manure and all. Chinese petai is fitting to live in the lowlands to an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level.

Chinese petai in Indonesia almost disappeared after being attacked by planthopper pests. Breeding except the spread of old seeds can also be done by stem cuttings.

This Chinese Petai is quite interesting for us to recognize its health benefits. Generally, we know that the banana has a large size, but for the Chinese skis tend to be smaller.
Even though it is not the same as far as the matter of its efficacy to the health of Chinese petai, it is also not lost.

The following are the properties of dew water that is not known to many people

The following are the properties of dew water that is not known to many people
Did you know, with the exception of water, you also need to try to enjoy the benefits of dew water? Natural water from the condensation system overnight to early morning generally has a fresher and cooler taste.

Many people in ancient times believed that dew water contains many benefits that are very good for the health of the human body. Although this type of water is not often consumed for daily purposes, but there is no mistake in trying this dew water. Here are some reasons why you need dew water consumption.

4 These Foods Are Able To Clean Lungs In 72 Hours

Humans have skewed lungs, mostly unhealthy, especially in Indonesia, especially this is done by someone who smokes, the problem of many impurities attached to the lungs is not just a cigarette problem, but smoke pollution dust around, even some smokers also know the dangers of smoking for health, but not all of them can stop, especially if they have been active smokers for years.

In this opportunity article we will discuss four types of food that can be proven to clean lung in an instant way. All smokers must read this article.

One of the most detrimental effects of smoking is the effects of opium it causes.
The trigger is Nicotine which is meant addictive substances that cause feelings of opiate in smokers. Nicotine affects the chemical balance in the brain, especially the hormones dopamine and norepinephrine which regulate pleasure, enjoy and be happy.

It's bad if you don't like catfish

THEBOEGIS - Catfish is one of the most preferred side dishes. But, you must know the benefits of catfish in terms of nutritional content and the right amount for health.

One of the most widely known catfish recipes in Indonesia, catfish pecel. In its presentation, catfish are fried or baked and then equipped with vegetables and chili sauce.

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Breakfast with fried food while accompanied by a cup of coffee is really very delicious.

But do you know the danger that waits behind that pleasure? 

Yups, in fact eating fried foods while drinking coffee is so dangerous to our health you know.

One study said the negative effects caused by eating fried foods while drinking coffee.

Negative effects resulting from eating fried foods while drinking coffee that can make high blood sugar content in the body that can cause diabetes.

Just by eating fried food our body can make high blood sugar in the body, well coupled with drinking coffee so that the blood sugar will become double

Researchers say that fried foods contain bored fat that makes it difficult for the body to clean sugar from the blood.

Even though it has been through some hours after eating fried food, drinking coffee can give the level of difficulty cleaning sugar.

"This shows that the effects of high-fat foods can run for hours," said Marie-Soleil Beaudoin and Terry Graham, researchers from the University of Guelph, as written by theglobeandmail.

Sugar in the blood for a long period of time can cause some health problems such as diabetes risk, arterial damage, and heart disease.

It Turns Out That Onion Has Many Benefits.

Not only for cooking spices or food supplements, in fact the onion has many benefits.
Shallots can also be cooked and contain the same nutrients as tubers.

The benefits of onion for our health: 

1. Sources of iron 
Iron is very important for the benefits of red blood cells, maintaining a good level of hemoglobin, and strengthening body tissues.

2. Has good fiber content 
Onions have a lot of fiber, which will help with digestion. Therefore, cooking onion will be useful for the stomach and prevent constipation.


Cancer, unsuccessful kidney, stroke, tuberculosis, and diabetes, which are 5 severe diseases that are marked by the shrinking of albumin in the blood until the sufferer must obtain an infusion of albumin.

The albumin infusion is useful for increasing blood osmotic pressure which first drops (less than the standard body albumin of 3, 5-5, 5 g / dl) to cause swelling or edema in several specific body sides. In patients with kidney failure, for example, swelling appears bright in the legs.

The administration of albumin infusion is actually a medical therapist in increasing albumin in the body because it first goes down (hypoalbumin). But there are other ways with nutritional therapy by giving cork fish albumin in the form of fresh, capsule, gel, or liquid.


Try checking the sides of your groin, under your chin, armpits and groin. If there is swelling or a bulge in the organ, hopefully you do not suffer from lymph node disease.

Lymph nodes are the main sides of the human immune system, helping the body know and fight germs, infections, and foreign substances that enter the body.

Lymph nodes are in groups, and each group is in the specific space of our body, as explained in the first paragraph.

Lung cancer signal (right). (oherbal. net)
Lymph node disease is swelling that takes place in the organ due to bacteria, viruses, or cancer.

A bulge that has a small, round shape like a bean, is a collection of lymphocyte combination cells that are closed like a capsule by connective tissue.


You certainly have often heard about kidney failure. Diseases caused by the shrinking of kidney power in searching for blood in the human body. Indeed, the kidney organ is one of the organs that has heavy work on the human body. For years, the kidneys in our bodies filter blood by removing salt and toxins that enter through food or other substances.

You also must have often heard that, kidney disease can not recover. If we bear the pain of kidney failure, only one hope is the step "clean" the kidney, and this consumes very expensive costs.

For one (1) Kidney washing costs Rp. 600,000, - (Six hundred thousand Rupiah) up to Rp. 1. 000. 000, - (One Million Rupiah). And it was less done only once. If we have been affected by kidney failure, we must wash the kidneys a number of 2 (two) times a week. Awesome, isn't it?

Therefore, let's take care of our health, especially the health of our kidneys before it's too late. These are tips for "cleaning" your kidneys in a natural and inexpensive way with just 10 thousand rupiah. Only you can do it!

Use "CELERY"! Such steps ... 

First take a bunch of Celery. 
Wash thoroughly, then cut into small pieces and put into a pan.
Then pour clean water into the pan and simmer for ten minutes then let it cool.

Then strain and pour in a clean bottle and store in the refrigerator until cool.
Drink one glass every day and you will see all the accumulation of salt and other toxins that come out of your kidneys when urinating.

You will see a difference that you have never felt before. CELERY is also known as the best treatment for kidney cleansing and that's NATURAL!


Lately, there are so many casualties that need to be taken because of cancer, even cancer is a "deadly weapon" for human health today. Basically, the development of these cancers is inseparable from our daily eating routines, such as eating foods that have expired or moldy
there is one among the causes of cancer, therefore food that has been disposed of should be discarded!

Rice that musty smell or sour milk or oily food that has been contaminated by fungus, do not consume anymore! Why? Because the food is moldy, it will produce viruses that cause cancer in our body to develop such as, Alflatoxin, a cancer virus that causes liver damage

As a detoxifying organ, the liver is responsible for breaking down poisons and removing them from the body, so if our hearts have been damaged by cancer, toxins in our bodies cannot be detoxified and poisons will spread to our bodies and grow cancers that will take our lives.

Some people suspect that if we only eat apples that have been moldy in the uncontaminated part of the fungus, that's OK, but that's a BIG mistake! Thus our food begins to become contaminated with fungus, the food actually has fungus that spreads into it even though it is not visible in a physical way
by our naked eyes.

If you always eat like this, there will be opportunities such as signs of poisoning, fever, stomach ache, vomiting, stomach acid, etc., and the severe phase, a month after poisoning.
is kidney disease, swelling of the liver, ederma of the extremities and liver function. Not only that, there may be a chance that our heart will become enlarged, pulmonary edema, coma, etc.

So, remember we must pay attention to the freshness of the food we eat. Do not let the consumption of food that is expired and that has been contaminated with fungus or other viruses, let's take care of our health from the start!

Heavy Diseases Can Be Healed Fruits Fall

Star fruit or which is popular in Latin that is Averrhoa Star fruit in fact has compounds Antipyretic and Expectorant substances. Antipyretics, compounds that are useful for lowering human body temperature. From a high body temperature makes the normal temperature again. Antipyretics can also suppress the signal signs that walk when a fever is nested, as well as pain that attacks the head.

Starfruit which is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B1, C, minerals, iron, calcium, potassium and there are many others, have enormous benefits for the health of the human body. Starfruit which is popular among housewives as adding acid to make sour vegetables, in fact also has the most important benefits for the health of the human body.

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Theboegis Ceify - Responsive Blogger Template

Cloneify - Responsive Blogger Template
Theboegis Ceify - Responsive Blogger Template is a professional blogger template. It's fully customizable and very fast, which makes it a very powerful template. Theboegis Ceify is a simple blogger template, but it can give results that are not like other templates, because it was developed with the best and most unique development techniques and carries the latest blogger code. This is also a good choice for making money from your blog because it has many sections for Automatic advertising.

Theboegis Goify Responsive Blogger Template

This time THEBOEGIS.COM will share the Theboegis Goify Pro Template that I edited myself.
This template is very lightweight suitable for you who have a blog download blogger template, and this template does not have a sidebar widget layout for settings, you have to edit the Edit Html.
  1. Responsive
  2. Google Testing Tool Validator
  3. Mobile-friendly
  4. SEO Friendly
  5. Personal Blog
  6. Latest Post Widget
  7. 2 columns
  8. Main Navigation
  9. Auto Readmore
  10. Short code
  11. Unlimited Posts
  12. Breadcrumbs
  13. 2 columns
  14. Footer Menu
  15. Fixed Menu on Mobile
  16. Search box
  17. Social Sharing Button
  18. Disqus notification
  19. Documentation


Even some smokers also know the dangers of smoking to
health, but not all of them can stop,
especially if they have been active smokers for years.

In the article I want to see. com this opportunity we will
review four types of food that can be proven to
clean lungs in an instant way. All smokers
must read this article.

One of the most detrimental effects of smoking is the
opiate effect it causes. The trigger is nicotine
, called an addictive substance that causes


Baking soda is alkaline and the cause will be so helpful in treating various types of skin irritation including rashes. Because some irritants of sensitive skin are acidic, baking soda can help neutralize specific chemicals that cause skin irritation.

Baking soda also has a calming effect that soothes your skin. Beyond that, guided by dry, dead skin blobs and when you clean the baking soda mask, it removes dead skin cells together with it.

Therefore, you can not only get rid of the rash but can also have new skin cells as well as the rash under the breasts is gone. Mixing vinegar with baking soda further increases effectiveness.


Pare ( bitter melon fruit ) is one of the vegetables that has many benefits. The benefits of bitter melon for the body very much. But unfortunately, some people who do not like bitter melon
because it feels bitter.

The bitter taste in the following bitter melon is very useful for body health. When it tastes, the bitter taste of bitter melon is not too bitter but there is a specific bitter taste. The bitter taste of bitter melon can be removed depending on how to process it.

Benefits of Pare ( bitter melon fruit )  for Pregnant Diabetes and Beauty Diet In this opportunity study we will not discuss how to get rid of bitter taste in pills, but
we will review what are the benefits of bitter melon for health.

Dangers of Fatimah Grass for Women

Beauty Petati Fatimah Labisa Pumila in Banyumas (True Story) 
by Dr. Suryo Bawono, SpOG 

I will tell stories between moments that I have experienced. At that time I was serving in the Banyumas Regional Hospital, in Central Java. As a description, Banyumas Regional Hospital at that time was a public hospital which was quite popular with patients with the cleanliness of a five-star hotel.

I accept patients who come with first pregnancy, gestational age 9 months. and has begun to enter labor with regular uterine contractions and opening 2 cm approximately at 7-8 in the morning. The results of fetal heart recording show that the fetus is in good condition and can do labor. Since the opening is still small, the patient is rested in the room while waiting for the opening to be added.

At that time I stayed full day in the hospital 24-7 in other words 24 hours and 7 days. When I was resting in the afternoon at 7 pm, suddenly I was shocked by the news from the midwife who told me that the patient was in pain and when the heart's recording was done, the heart rate was gone, in other words the fetus had died. The patient's husband and patient's family were partly angry and blamed me for the treatment they received.

When I worked on the control, I found an unusual condition. The opening is still 2-3 cm with a very strong contraction that is like a contraction at the opening of 8-9 cm.

I feel that there must be something wrong, when I asked the family, was there something "prefixed" that they didn't recognize. I asked my midwife to check into a patient's room, was there anything suspicious while I kept summarizing information from the patient's family.

They still try to blame the treatment of the sick residence for the death of the fetus. But then the midwife will guard to find a 'grass' bath and a glass in the patient's room, and then the patient's family confesses.

In fact the patient was given a drink soaking fatimah grass while in the treatment room, and this is beyond the knowledge of the doctor. As we know that the 'grass of Fatimah' (Labisa pumila) comes from the Middle East and has another designation such as Kaf Mariyam (Arabic) which means 'Mariyam's palm', and some westerners call it the Jericho Rose.

This plant has a uterotonic effect in other words it can cause uterine contractions. 
The resulting uterine contractions can cause labor, therefore some people use this plant to 'expedite labor'. 

 However the dosage size cannot be assured, with this the safety limit is also difficult to set. If one substance can cause contractions, so in the low content can `facilitate labor '.

But at high content there is a danger that lurks, which can cause contractions that are too excessive or over (medical meaning: 

hyperstimulation). The following conditions are very risky because they can cause the fetus to be unable to die, or even the uterus that is unable to be torn and cause the death of the mother and fetus.

Therefore, I always appeal to all patients, patients' families, acquaintances, partners, neighbors and so on to spread the danger of this beautiful Fatimah. Do not ever consume this Fatimah grass when the fetus is still in the stomach, but if the baby is born, please just want to drink how much you want there will be no problems. 

Please disseminate this information, you and I all have a responsibility to share this information with anyone because this information can save someone's life. 


Cut 2-3 slices and then put into a glass, add hot water, lemon water will be a little "muddy", drinking everyday can nourish our body.

Hot lemon water can release anti-cancer substances in our bodies, this kind of thing is the most recent cancer treatment in the medical world. Lemon water ice only contains vitamin C, the same as tomatoes, rather than eating right away, it's better to cook well first, because raw tomatoes don't have lycopene.


Buckwheat bread is now increasingly sought for food because of one fact that is so central - it does not have gluten content!

This bread has a very good taste, easy to process, and what's most important is that it's easy to prepare at home. 

These are foods that are so diets that do not grow, and are free for consumption for diabetic patients.


Useful INFO. please SPREAD ... Bile Stone Destroyer, Some time ago, one of my friends suddenly collapsed and was declared to suffer the suffering of critical gallstones that were so large that the rocks in the gall were blocking and covering the bile supply pathway to aid digestion in his stomach.

According to the doctor who handled it there was no other way except to do surgery to remove the gallbladder in other words he would no longer have a gallbladder in his liver. Without having to think twice, my friend who is a brilliant career at the Attorney General's Office of the Republic of Indonesia has scheduled an operation at an international hospital in Jakarta, because if it is not immediately operated on the body will be thinner, weaker and feel amazing pain.

الجمعة، 3 يناير 2020

7 Best Free Web Hosting Without Ads This Year

To create a WordPress website, you need a domain name and web hosting. Between the two, hosting has a more expensive price at a cost of tens of thousands of rupiah per month. But did you know there is a free web hosting service that you can use without cost?

One reason why there are still many who hesitate to create their own WordPress site is the issue of cost.

To buy a domain name and web hosting, there are hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah that they have to spend.

Not to mention if you buy additional features such as SSL or features to hide domain name data such as BitNinja.

This makes the use of free blogging platforms such as wordpress.com and blogger.com still quite popular. In Indonesia alone, quite a lot of people choose to use a  custom domain on Blogger for their site.


Leunca is a vegetable that is very well known in people. In Javanese, it is called Ranti or Bobosa in Maluku.

Leunca has the Latin name Solanum Nigrum L, and is classified in the family Solanaceae (pumpkin). This plant came from Europe and West Asia, then spread widely through Malaysia.

This plant is used as medicine since it began to grow more than 2. 000 years. then. In Indonesia, leunca is widely consumed as vegetables or vegetables.


Use natural herbs with healing properties to beat cancer. There are many natural solutions that can help you fight this deadly disease and avoid chemotherapy.

How is it recognized that each of the foods we consume throughout the day has the effects and benefits of both positive and negative impacts. And this is the argument why you have to make a difference in food acids and bases and see the different effects on the body.

Consuming acidic food for the womb on the body to be prime acid for the development of several diseases, one of which is cancer. Cancer develops only in acidic environments

and the opposite of BASA foods give a role to add health balance and general PH.

So it's clear that one of the best steps to protect yourself from cancer is with an alkaline and healthy diet. Not only that alkaline food will avoid cancer replacement, but it will help you treat cancer in the advanced phase.


My colleague bears the pain of diabetes or the superiority of sugar in the blood until the time the body is injured so it will be DIFFICULT TO RECOVER.
because my partner also had a stroke and almost all of the body was difficult to move until all day long only
just sleep / lie down. It's been a year since that time my partner's hips
injured (maybe just usually supine) this wound for the hole in the hips until remove it from * ah and then sway and rot. This wound began to widen and
make holes here and there until this wound looks so chronic


Have you ever bought purple corn? Purple corn is a plant that grows specifically in Peru. When planted elsewhere, the corn does not have a completely purple color, generally there is a yellow side. So, of course Indonesians have generally never looked at him immediately, especially buying.

After one study, in fact the purple color in corn has anthocyanin content. These substances are very useful to prevent us from colon cancer. In Peru, the corn is generally processed into pudding. Wow, it's delicious, healthy again. Of course the Peruvian intestine is healthy.


Kidney is one of the most important organs of the body, because it can remove all the toxins and the superiority of salt in the body. Therefore, the kidneys must be regularly cleaned so that they can function properly.

The benefits as well as the main kidney indeed can not be doubted. The kidneys help filter around 120 to 150 liters of blood, just to produce about 1 to 2 liters of urine.

The kidneys also help regulate and stabilize electrolytes in your body. Some electrolytes, called sodium, phosphate and potassium, can help regulate your blood pressure.

Kidney stones are the accumulation of calcium in the kidneys which can make a solid mass. This disease can be so painful and has infected millions of people in all the world. Below is a natural recipe that will help dissolve kidney stones and remove them without pain.


We all live in a world where we are constantly told that there is no known cure for cancer, and only one treatment that is obtained by doctors in that condition is chemotherapy. However, we all understand that chemotherapy gives because it is more risky than giving healing in your health problems.

However, more and more people in all over the world are convinced that nature and filled provide traditional natural solutions, not conventional ones.